ZTE entered the gaming phone market with Red Magic Phone

We have seen a plethora of gaming desktops and accessories. Then came the age of mobility and came in the high specifications laptops. These laptops were specifically designed to let the user play games on the move.

However, it was not enough for the ultra-modern generation who needed something more compact that allowed them to be on their toes always and still offer equally breathtaking performance. Smartphones are the ultimate form of human invention thanks to the genius Steve Jobs. Almost a decade later since the first iPhone was launched, a new segment of smartphones was launched. There are numerous companies in the market selling specifically designed gaming focused smartphones.

Gaming-focused phones have become a trend in recent times where numerous companies have launched their models in the gaming phone segment. These phones are basically a notched up version of any other model with a faster and better processor to take the load of all the high graphics games available in the market. These phones also come with a few other specifications that the gamers would require in their phones. It is not just the specifications that set these devices apart from the flagships but added design features. The looks too make an additional impact on the gamers’ conscience.

ZTE is a Chinese major in the telecom network equipment sector only second to the grand Huawei. ZTE also has a smartphone sub-brand by the name of Nubia. ZTE Nubia launched their latest gaming phone Red Magic Phone to enter a fairly new segment – Gaming Smartphones.

The design of the phone is what gives in at the first look due to an edgy look on the back. It has slopes and edges on its back, which houses 4 huge speakers (red coloured), one long RGB LED strip and a camera placed in a hexagonal case. All these features are extravagant considering it is just a smartphone and not a laptop.

The smartphone comes with 2017’s flagship choice of Snapdragon 835 instead of the latest Snapdragon 845. To the average eye, it might seem to be old and outdated but an expert knows that the 835 is extremely capable of outperforming one’s expectation. Even, the reviews say that they did not come across any issues in playing any graphics-intensive game. The speakers do a great job as they are very loud and clear.

The only place where it took a beating is its camera. The camera performance did not perform up to the mark of the specifications. Anyway, it was expected from the device considering the mid-range price tag.

The questions arise is regarding the relevance of the phone. In the similar price range, there are offerings, which are better such as the OnePlus 6 or the newer Xiaomi Poco phone that all comes with over 6GBs or RAM and Snapdragon 845 processors. It has been seen that the mid-range flagship devices offer premium performance (even in the gaming sector) and looks good too unlike the gaming-focused phones. Moreover, these mid-range so-called flagship killers are even superb with their camera performance. It comes down to the users’ preference – a sophisticated looking high-performance device or a device that looks specifically designed for gaming because there is no significant difference in the performance at all.

-Soumya De

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