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Zomato to increase the deliveries by cycle; sighting climate change as the reason

Zomato delivery guy fetching a order

Zomato has had its own share of problems in the last few months or so. It has had to deal with problems which were unnecessary and has cost them a huge deal of business. However, scandals keep on happening and all the company can do is shrug it off and move on. Zomato addressed the problem, dealt with it and have moved on as swiftly as possible. Zomato has always looked to introduce new technologies in the company. It has relied a lot on the company’s innovations and everything else in that sector.

In the mid of 2018, the Delhi-based company had a few innovative ideas regarding its deliveries. Zomato was looking at drone deliveries after it had acquired a budding drone startup. Although India is behind on the drone revolution and the government is looking at new regulations for the same, Zomato has said that the acquisition was one for the future. After exploring the idea of drones as a delivery medium, Zomato has deliveries done by bicycles.

These kind of ideas are groundbreaking in many cases. The company has specific rules for the same as a bicycle can move quickly among traffics and deliver to small distances. The number of cyclists around the country is increasing by the day. The company is focusing on such ideas and increasing the number of delivery partners to make sure that there are more cycles on the road and not bikes.

There are more than five thousand cyclists on road right now, riding and delivering for Zomato. These five thousand cyclists are spread across 12 cities in India. The company is aiming at 40% of its deliveries to happen by powered cycles and it is working towards the same. It has partnered with e-HIRAN, TNT, Yulu, Mobycy, and Zoomcar’s PEDL as well.

To make sure that cycles deliver faster than bikes, the cyclists operate and deliver within 2.5 km range only. This ensures that the cyclists don’t have to waste energy on longer roads and the time required is also less.

One of the main reasons for Zomato to implement cycle deliveries is that climate change problems. Environment conservation is the most important thing one can address if they want to. With India being one of the most populated countries, pollution is one on a high all the time. The country has 9 of the 10 most polluted cities and Zomato wants to make sure it plays no part in adding to that.

The company CEO, Mohit Gupta was of the opinion that environmental challenges are inevitable and everyone will have to face them. He also said that his company is increasing last mile delivery partners by 150 partners every single day and this makes the company responsible for the pollution in those areas. To cut down on the same, the company is trying to increase the cyclists in the area.

The Zomato Rider University trains the Zomato’s cyclists about the ergonomic delivery bags and also about the riding norms of the country.

-Unmesh Phule

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