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Zomato hires a psychiatrist to create a professional work culture

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Zomato has been under a lot of fire for the mistakes their lower end employees are making. The brand value because of poor management on the ground level has gone down immensely. A recent survey done by RedSeer Consulting projected that Swiggy is the most trusted brand amongst food-tech companies while Zomato was 12 points behind on that thing. Zomato lost a lot of customers due to one of its delivery guys.

The scandal is one of the well-covered stories in the last couple of months and it has created a negative shell around the company’s name which will take a lot of doing. To just brush up the scandal, Zomato was on an all-time high when a delivery boy was caught eating food from the parcels he was supposed to deliver. The video which was two and a half minute long and went viral on the internet. This was taken care of by the company but the image was hampered and the trust was lost. They fired the employee the very next day.

That said, Zomato has now hired a psychiatrist to pay to mend the delivery fleets. They are going to develop an environment for the employees that are productive and competitive. Dr. Rohit Garg is going to take care of the employees as Deepinder Goyal, founder of Zomato insisted on strong mentality and good environment for the employees.

He told ET that it is very important to have professional help for all the employees so that it will only improve the work culture. He wants to offer such help to the employees so that they don’t falter in their work. Apart from this, he wants to encourage such professionalism. Garg is supposed to counsel two to three times a week to the teams. This will increase the quality of their personal life, their work life and everything else.

Zomato has around 150,000 delivery boys and which are spread across almost 100 cities across the country. The platform has around 75,000 restaurants under its umbrella and is looking to increase the number. It recently launched Zomato in the city of Amravati which is a tier 2 city and all of its next targets are the tier 2 and 3 cities. Zomato is trying to enter deeper into India and is planning to do so with all its might.

The company is worth $2 billion as of December 2018 and is looking to bulk up by another billion dollars through investments. The company recently raised $210 million from Ant Financial in the month of October.

-Unmesh Phule

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