Zomato Delivery Executives Halt Work Over Religious Issues

Zomato delivery guy fetching a order


Rushing off to everything is now the latest trend of this digital world. Therefore, we need everything at our doorstep and fast. With this latest upgrade in our lives, we need a faster download of food in our bellies too. That’s where Zomato comes in, making a way for every person to eat what we like, where we like and when we like.

Thus, breaking all the traditional norms, the unicorn company, Zomato, sweeps its customers with its latest proposal of diversified food to satisfy our appetite. With every technological improvisation comes a slight glitch that has been going on regarding the religion of the rider delivering our in-house cuisine with heart-throbbing discounts.
As tweeted by Deepinder Goyal, founder of Zomato, “Food doesn’t have a religion. It is a religion!”. We can all agree that these absurd allegations and mythical beliefs have no altar in today’s fast life.

Hindu customer rejecting food parcels only because they are being delivered by a non-Hindu is an understatement of the year as, if we are to segregate food based on caste, sex and religion then we would be haunted hunger leading us to a pit.

The large strikes in Howrah situated in the state of West Bengal due to the conflict arising from the delivery of pork and beef by the Hindu and Muslim riders escalated, soon Deepinder Goyal sends an e-mail to his fellow employees that India, being a diverse country, they cannot hold business over moral values.

In today’s generation where the companies say that “customer is king”, we being the consumers cannot twist this and alter it to suit our own version of reality, like Amit Shukla who being a customer cancelled his order as the rider was a Non-Hindu, in doing so he spreads religious hatred, disrespecting our country’s integrity and fraternity.

Being a customer as well as a humble scrivener, learning about this dogma of such trifle conflicts about religion, it makes my soul crumble into million pieces.

This miscreant has led an opportunity for competitors like Swiggy, Uber Eats, and Food Panda who are trying to grasp the market and earn billions out of it.

If such series of misfortune happening takes place in every field of profession it would be chaos as every common man is trying to earn a livelihood out of this, nonetheless who comes from different walks of life. Each enterprise cannot make changes in its management and policies due to some minor rift caused by religion. Every enterprise is here to build trust and loyalty from their consumers hoping that they would do the same.

Other sectors and industries cannot afford such losses and internal rift between the employees which leads to late production and sales and distribution of goods and services. We are here to work in harmony as the scientific principle of management says.
-Trishita Sen

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