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Zhou Houjian, Hisense: LCD and Laser TV Will Fight in 75 Inches

Zhou Houjian, Chairman, Hisense

“75 inches will be the mainstream size of Laser TV and LCD TV competition.”

The first Global Laser Display Technology and Industry Development Forum was held in Qingdao on September 19th. In the event, Hisense’s chairman Zhou Houjian said that with the improvement of clarity, large-size TVs will become more and more popular. Zhongyikang’s data shows that in the first half of 2019, laser TVs accounted for 58% of TV sales in China and 80% of them already have an absolute advantage in the 75 inches size segment.

Zhou Houjian said that at present, the advantages of LCD TVs are mainly concentrated below 75 inches. Hisense Laser TV has expanded from the previous sizes of 100 inches, 88 inches, 80 inches to the current 75 inches and has fully covered the large-screen TV market. In particular, the 75-inch RGB Laser TVs will be launched soon, and it will be complete with high-end LCD TVs, which will stimulate a huge market imagination.

According to Zhou Houjian, in addition to this, the iterative and technological innovation of laser display products is accelerating. New product form factor with higher display quality, lower power consumption, flexibility and concealment will soon appear. Moreover, smaller size machines, more family-oriented scenes, and even futuristic holographic displays will be on the market soon.

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