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YouTube to follow Netflix with interactive content

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Netflix has always managed to be a bit different from everyone else in the market. It has tried to inspire a lot of people and it has managed to form a whole new category of entertainment. The company being the pioneer of OTT platforms has done some amazing things with its platform. That being said, there are a lot of people who have now entered this business. The market is huge and allows artists to showcase their talent but it depends on the eyeballs and the number of users.

That being said, the company is in more than 190 countries which is amazing, to say the least. With originals making a huge impact in almost every country. Netflix is by far the best OTT platform for content and there is content from all around the world in multiple languages. This creates a lot of diversity for an OTT platform. There is no other platform which manages to do this. That is the reason Netflix is so unique.

Meanwhile, Netflix has multiple contents on its platform which is interactive. Now the interactive content is nothing but scenarios in a film where you can decide what the character does next. The story of the film will then go according to your decisions. This is an interactive film and it is highly entertaining. Black Mirror: Bandersnatch was the latest interactive film or a spinoff episode from Netflix. It was well received and people loved it.

This is not an easy genre to make a film in. It takes a lot of work and requires a lot of creativity to show this kind of content. YouTube is also following this step of Netflix for producing interactive content. This is a step taken after considering the success of Bandersnatch and the talk of multiple endings. The film did not have a specific run-time it ranged from anywhere between 40-90 minutes which is fascinating, to say the least.

YouTube will work on similar lines and the project is overseen by Ben Relles, who is the head of YouTube’s unscripted programming. This was reported by Bloomberg a day before yesterday. That said, it will be interesting to see if the company is looking to make something like Bandersnatch or a completely different and newer form of interactive content.

Any which way the Google-owned video streaming platform will have to be on their A-game if they have to challenge Netflix for the same. That said, its newer version of paid services require something that would excite the audience and it needs to be amazing enough to lure people. Because if a platform is to be successful then it needs eyeballs.

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