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YouTube has content for all kinds of people, even for people who love makup

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YouTube is something which enables people with talent and gives them a platform to share their talent. The online platform, which has managed to grow tremendously in the last few years has become a go-to platform for young and budding content creators. It has managed to hit the right notes and the viewers are also growing. The fact that India has over 1200 YouTubers to have crossed over a million subscribers tells us how positively this Google’s subsidiary is fairing in the subcontinent of India.

That being said, there is a certain stream which is doing extremely well for itself on the platform. There are various topics, people in India love and then there are things people in India are in need of learning. Somewhere between those two, there is something called the makeup, which strictly falls under the category of females and some males with the need for some quick guidance. Imagine going for a party without getting your eyelashes curled because you didn’t get time to go the parlor? Hard right? Well, some of the YouTubers have got your back.

There are YouTube channels which teach these things and these channels are vernacular. The fact that some of the small town girls have no access to high-level makeup training and have to do trials and learn from failures can do with such a YouTube channel. There is need here but there are also people who love makeup but don’t find the time from daily routine to learn it professionally, here are people who love it. And when you have a channel which does good to both the sides of customers, it is bound to hit the rafters.

There is a 165-second video on YouTube which has around, hold your breath, 2,44,68,428 views. It is around six times what Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s latest speech has on his own channel (Yes, he has his own YouTube channel). Shruti Arjun Anand has two channels and they top the charts with around 500 thousand subscribers on one and over 330 thousand subscribers on the other.

She says her primary audience is the small town girls which are in need of makeup tips. Coming from a small town herself, she understands how difficult it is. She talked to ET and said, “I’m from Jhansi and I have realized that small-town girls have a big appetite for tips on make-up and looking beautiful. I think my YouTube videos are a success because my followers can identify with me.”

This tells us that if you find a combination of something which people would need and love at the same time, YouTube can make you a star. There is simply no denying that. Shruti is a prime example of the same, we never thought we would write about makeup being a market and a topic for YouTube and content creators to even discuss and yet here we are, writing about it and millions of people watching it.

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