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YouTube channels using conspiracy to gain views to go under the scanner

YouTube has outsourced its video filtering work to Wipro

The day and age of today are different from what it was a decade ago. Today the world is run by the devices in our hand and people watching other people on those devices. There is a lot of content on the World Wide Web that we cannot comprehend the entirety of it. There social media websites which cannot bring up the first ever post and everything has become a part of our lives without us realizing it. These things have become us in many ways.

YouTube is one such thing which has become one of the major sources of entertainment for people. It has become the best and the biggest video producing website with people being its content producer. Most importantly, it has no one to compete with, it stands alone and it will continue to do so. The influencers on YouTube are in great number, one cannot imagine the amount of videos YouTube has on it and also there is no way that a common man can understand.

YouTube is facing a lot of problems in recent times. There is a lot of content which comes close to being vulgar and pornographic. The checking of the videos on YouTube is done manually and they are taken down manually. There is a first stage filter which is done by the computer but the eventual deleting has to be done by the manually. That said, the company has now outsourced its video checking to Wipro.

That said, there are some channels on YouTube which have been banned and then there are some channels which produce content which can be termed as hate speech or on the lines of the same. Shane Dawson is a channel of conspiracies. He provides his viewers with different aspects to some crucial events in the history of mankind. He recently posted a video which is almost 104 minutes long. The video is all about conspiracies.

He questions the California fire, talks about how iPhones every word we say, such are the conspiracies. Obviously, none of these conspiracies and ideas provide proofs and are fact-based or fact-checked. There are some of those which are downright funny while some sound like an urban legend. However, these videos have garnered almost 34 million views.

The number of views is huge and even though Shane Dawson has around 20 million subscribers, 34 million is a lot of views, even by his standard. That said, the YouTuber produces content that is somewhat shady and might be on the lines of misinformation. In the time and age where fake news and misinformation is becoming a rising concern, there are questions over the existence of such channels.

There are channels which have been banned for questionable content and producing hate speech. Although, channels like Shane Dawson produces funny and harmless in a way. It does produce doubt about the world around us. There is a shadow over many such channels on YouTube and there is a decision that either needs to be taken or scrapped altogether.

-Unmesh Phule

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