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Youtube aims to take on Netflix and Amazon Prime in the online content space

Just as magnets attract the magnetic metals to it, quality content acts as the magnet for consumers. The new generation of consumers are flooded with zeta bytes of contents every day, however, not every content is as alluring as the trending ones. People have their personal taste that varies from one person to other but there are certain large genres that attract a huge number of people despite their personal preferences. The producer of quality content almost never goes empty handed in this era of the internet.

Numerous new providers of content on the internet come up every day. Quality is the key to success in the consumer internet market. India is famous across the globe due to its diversity in terms of social, economic, political and other aspects. The internet market is equally diverse in the online content category too due to the presence of homegrown and foreign players in the market such as Netflix, Amazon, Hotstar, Voot and so on.

YouTube is the oldest and the largest online video player to be hanging around in the Indian market. The online video platform is owned by Google and has the largest user base in India. However, unlike the other platforms, it has most of its videos free and this is the reason that YouTube has the largest user base.

The OTT platforms are gaining a lot of popularity in recent times such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Videos. A huge number of people have shifted from normal TV channels to online TV series, movies or Originals series. Netflix caters to the needs of the modern Indian youth as they form the bulk of the Indian internet users. This became the reason for their success as they carefully curated the contents that reached the Indian consumers. The English shows were already pretty popular in India but the consumer base was small. With the advent of shows such as Lust Stories, Sacred games and Ghoul, it caught the attention of a larger user base that was regional and Hindi speaking. Now, Netflix was no more just another foreign brand trying to enter India. It got to hold the nerve of the Indian consumers through locally produced shows in Hindi.

Amazon Prime Videos is another major player that is trying to grab hold of the Indian market but Netflix steals the show in terms of content watched on the platform. When it comes to the pricing, Netflix is way more expensive than Amazon prime. The basic pack starts at around 500-600 rupees a month or $8 for Netflix whereas, Amazon prime only charges 999 rupees or $15 for an entire year. The difference is huge.

Despite the differences, Netflix wins the contents race in India. The reason behind this is the difference in contents on both the platforms. Netflix has a plethora of content from over 18 countries that Amazon just cannot compete. However, Amazon’s Prime membership is more than just content. They provide free delivery of goods, one-day delivery options, gift and discount vouchers on Amazon pay and so on.

Looking at the online content platforms, YouTube clearly rules them all. There is no other platform even close to them. It wants to evolve after so many years now. People already visit YouTube for n number of video categories each day. Now, they want to take on the OTT platforms such as Netflix and Amazon. To overcome these platforms, YouTube has planned to launch around 50 originals this year. In the past, it has already launched 60 such series. This will be comparatively easy for the Google-owned company because they already have the largest consumer base in the world and also deep pockets due to Google. It will give the OTT platforms a run for their money.

YouTube has been on a growth curve for the past many years and aims to grow its active user base by 100% year on year. However, the prospect of something like YouTube premium is postponed as of now but is in the books for Indian in future. Though the company has some paid content, it is very cheap and it will keep it the same way in the foreseeable future as well.

-Soumya De

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