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You might not need a cook to cook your food anymore

Food, a thing for which people do everything else in their life. Some of them make a living out of it, while some of them make a living for it. It is a way of life for some people. In spite of all this, there are people who find absolutely zero time to cook their own food. They fail to even eat their meals because of the limited time they get.

Many people in this day and age are working. There are families in which everyone is working and it is hard for them to find some time to cook food. This opened up a possible job for cooks. There are cooks almost in every family nowadays. This has also created a lot of jobs for a certain class of people. That said, there are boons and banes of this thing as well. The cook needs to be a good one, he/she needs to be trusted, there are holidays they take and many such things come into play.

In that case, to eradicate all of the banes of that job, a couple of Bengaluru-based men have designed a robot that will cook for you. Now, robots cooking or machines cooking is not a new concept, it is already practiced in China. However, the reason Mechanical Chef, as it is known, is better than all of them is because it can cook more than 100 dishes and you don’t even have to touch it. The Mechanical Chef is designed by Cohan Sujay Carlos and Arpit Sharma. They have been designing and building this thing for more than four years.

Recently, the robot made potato fry in front of almost 200 people. The Mechanical Chef has been tested by 25 people at the moment. There are prototypes given to these people to test it and the reviews are great. Another best thing about this Chef is that you can cook remotely. It has mobile connectivity and it will start cooking if you inform it do so via your phone. This feature is up and coming and in development but so is the whole project. It can fry, boil, temper and do all the things related to cooking. You only have to fill the containers with necessary ingredients.

Carlos, while talking on the History TV show ‘Oh My God’ that the Mechanical Chef costs around INR 40,000 but will charge less in the near future. The makers are trying to instill more than 150 dishes and will add the options like deep frying and pressure cooking to it as well. You can find the video of the same on their website. The audacity of the makers to invent such a thing and make people save their time is incredible, to say the least.

In addition to that, this is a bit scary as well. The artificial intelligence is already taking up most people’s job in today’s world and now the most important thing in a man’s life will also be prepared by a robot. The taste of the food, the essence it carries and the feeling behind it will be completely lost when food will be made by metal hands and not flesh itself. However, it is still in the making and it will take years before it hits the households, till then enjoy the handmade food.

– Unmesh Phule

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