Xiaomi’s yet another accessory launched in the Chinese Market

Xiaomi has ventured into manufacturing numerous products apart from its core electronic technologies. They are known for making mechanical ball pens, umbrellas and even foldable cycles in China. They even launched a series of hard case trolley bags in India recently.

According to the reports , the company launched a mechanical watch in China. The watch is called the ‘TwentySeventeen Light’ and is a simple but stylish mechanical wristwatch. The watch dial comes in black and white colour variants. The dial also holds a date showing mechanism. Sapphire glass in used to make the display glass, which is scratch resistant and it also comes with a glass back that allows the users to see the watch movement.

Xiaomi’s ventures into the non-electronics technology sector is a little uncommon for the tech giants across the globe but not completely unheard of. In the past, there have companies in the technology sector that have tried their luck on products starting from shoes to chairs, so on and so forth.

Xiaomi is making a different kind of reputation in the market through the not electronic product. However, it is important to understand that the products are not just for reputation, it is to bring in more people to buy their electronics. There are people who would stick to their favourite smartphone brand or their favourite TV brand. Xiaomi by reaching out to these people with their smart shoes, fitness bands, umbrellas, cycles, etc. will be attracting those people to try out their electronic devices too. It will have a dual benefit effect. They will feed the fanfare of the users and attract the nonusers too.


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