Xiaomi’s Smart Shoes will help you put your Best Foot Forward

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Smart technologies are seeping into our lives in every direction. It started with computers and smartphones and now it has covered everyday items into its ambits such as homes, medicine and even fashion. Shoes are probably the most important part of our apparel. A good pair of shoes not only shoes not only makes you look good but also keeps your feet safe and protected from the materials.

According to studies, it has been observed that a pair of shoes is often the first thing that everyone notices. Therefore, it is better to invest in a good pair of shoes. Moreover, it will be even better to have a pair of smart shoes. Yes, you read that right! Smart Shoes.

Just as most of the things around us are getting a bit of smart technology each day, shoes are no exception. After the smartwatches and fitness bands, it is now time for the shoes to get smart. Xiaomi is one of the world’s largest smart devices manufacturing company in the world. They have a whole ecosystem in China. However, they are globally popular for their smartphones.

India is their largest market outside of China and they are currently the largest smartphone seller in the country. They have launched a number of products from their smart devices ecosystem in Indian over the years. The latest one seems to be the smart shoes as teased by the company in its official Twitter handle. They have tweeted with the hashtag – #BFF, which apparently means Best Foot Forward. This indicates that they will be launching their line of Mijia made Mi Smart Shoes 2 in India soon. They have even added the shoe to the crowdfunding project page in their

The shoes are very well designed using good quality materials. Numerous YouTube channels imported the earlier model of Xiaomi’s shoes and reviewed them. According to their reviews, the quality is easily comparable to the same price range shoes from the house of Adidas, Nike or Puma. The added smart technology puts them a notch ahead from the rest of the players in the market. The shoes come equipped with the smart chip that keeps track of the steps, calories and distance covered wearing that shoe. It is priced at CNY 199 in China and it is expected to be similarly priced in India, which comes to around 2100 Rupees.

The footwear industry will be revolutionized by such technologies. Research and Development are being carried on by the brands that fully focus on sports wearables and shoes but including smart technologies in shoes is truly revolutionary. It gives the shoes more power to integrate with the smart ecosystem that we are moving into gradually.

-Soumya De

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