Xiaomi’s Newest Product: Fish Tank Powered by Power Bank

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Chinese smartphone maker and electronics giant Xiaomi has an expansive portfolio of products in China. To provide some perspective, the company has gradually expanded from smartphones and electronics to lifestyle and more. These segments include travel products, home appliances, smart products, and day-to-day items meant for kids.

As part of the expansion, the company has launched some unusual products in recent years. Consequently, the company has just launched a new, somewhat unusual product in China. The latest product is called the Xiaomi Fish Tank. Xiaomi is aiming to sell this fish tank for homes and offices.

According to Xiaomi, the aquarium has been designed to maintain its internal ecological balance so that users won’t have to change the water as frequently as they have to do with standard fish tanks. The device has a compartment at the top for potted plants that receive the requisite moisture via water vapours when the tank is filled to the recommended level. It also has a knob at the side to adjust the oxygen levels and for feeding the fish.

This fish tank from the stable of Xiaomi comes with a proper aquatic plant. The tank’s design strikes a balance between nurturing the fish and watering the plant. It uses the Siphon principle to nurture the aquatic plant with water vapours. Besides this, there is no need to take the lid of the fish tank off to feed the fish in it.

Another cool feature of the Xiaomi Fish Tank is the convenient water drainage facility that takes the pain out of maintaining an aquarium at home. There’s also a four-stage filtration system that includes volcanic stone and magnetic ring stone, as well as cultured nitrifying bacteria that help maintain the tank’s ecological balance. The device also comes with activated carbon to kill harmful bacteria, as well as cotton filters at the top and bottom to filter debris.

Xiaomi Fish Tank is priced at 299 RMB (approx. Rs. 3,100). The design of this fish tank is unique, unlike other common fish tanks. It ensures that buyers do not have to change the water in the fish tank quite often. Well, this product from Xiaomi is capable of removing nitrates and other waste automatically from the water.

Xiaomi is known for launching many smart products and gadgets in the Mi ecosystem. It has gradually expanded from the core smartphone and electronics category to lifestyle products. Eventually, its product portfolio includes home appliances, travel products, smart products, and everyday items.

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