Xiaomi’s flexible phone will make you look twice


Flexible phones did make an entry into the market via different companies. The companies, nowadays, are behind getting their screens bigger and extinguish the bezels on the phones. They are essentially working towards making a screen and fitting a phone on it with everything. The designs are silkier and better but the phones market is saturated with one kind of design and variety of designs is very hard to find.

That said, there are companies in the market that are making phones which bend. The flexible phone is a start to combine the experience of a phone and tablet. It is nothing beyond that yet. However, many have tried, many have executed it but it is not yet fully developed. There are companies which are even taking orders to sell flexible phones. There are many companies who have teased their phone as well. Companies such as Samsung, LG, Huawei, and even Motorola have had their share added to the foldable phones.

Xiaomi, one of the most popular phone makers in the world, had not tried their hands at the flexible phones yet but they have finally teased their fans. Xiaomi released a video of Lin Bin using the flexible phone and that phone will actually put any of the flexible phones made to shame. Even Samsung’s Galaxy X will be a minnow in front of Xiaomi’s phone. Many flexible phones only fold from one side but Xiaomi’s phone twists and folds from two sides making it look like a smartphone when folded.

The other interesting and wonderful feature is that its UI adjusts automatically to the folded screen and you don’t have to turn the phone. It looks brilliant and also has a power button to make it look like a phone when folded. The attention to detail is also worth mentioning as the positioning of the button is on the top when held in landscape mode. This is because when folded the button can be accessed. This phone is not yet for the consumers as Lin Bin said that it is a prototype. The video was posted on Weibo, China’s version of Twitter.

Lin Bin said on Weibo that this phone is not going to be for sale but if the customer’s love the phone they will produce it in large quantity. It is consumer viable and can be sold at a price where many can afford it. The company is thinking of naming the phone as Mi Dual Flex or Mi MIX Flex. Although, the Chinese giant will be up for suggestions for the name.

Lin Bin was very excited to introduce the phone. He said that it has a four-way folding hinge. The MIUI adaptation is nothing less than a normal phone. He also stressed the fact that the dual folding capacity of the phone helps it merge the experience of the phone and a tablet in a single device. That is a great achievement. He also asked the audience to share it as much as they can and give their verdict on it. This was because the company could understand if they should mass produce and start selling or wait for the people to accept it.

-Unmesh Phule

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