Xiaomi studying the Indian market to launch new products

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Xiaomi might not be doing good business in its own country but it is surely winning the hearts in the subcontinent of India. The company has been doing good business without faltering even once in the past numerous quarters. Every release has been a hit in the country and people loving the aggression shown by the company in terms of prices. The specifications offered at such a price are a sight to behold for the consumers in India.

The nefariously price-sensitive country loves brands that offer such deals and pounce on the first opportunity they get. Xiaomi came into the Indian market at a time when the smartphone market was the most vulnerable. The company cashed in on the transition period of the market and became a household name in the country. Their sub-brands are also doing extremely well in India. Pocophone has reportedly eaten up a bit of OnePlus’ market in India.

The company’s Note series is a hit from day one in the country. It has not put a foot wrong with that line of phones. The company has also seen its other phones like Xiaomi’s A series which went off the shelves in a jiffy. The company has had success and only success in India. The Mi bands have also tasted superb success. People are waiting for the next versions of the same and reviewers on YouTube also love the products.

The company surpassed Samsung and is the new king in India. It shares 28% of the smartphone market in India. Samsung is stuck at 24%.

It has not seen any of its products fail. The company is also looking to bring in its White Goods in India. However, the white goods market is congested and there are well-established players like LG, Samsung, and many others. The company is right now exploring its options to enter the Indian market with new products. The Chinese giants even have a shoe line which it is planning to launch in India. The shoes are worth buying as they are one of its kind when it comes to smart shoes.

Apart from this, the company is gearing up for a much-awaited launch of its smart TVs. The TVs have been unveiled to the audience a few months ago but they were not for sale. There are smart TVs in the market which go on sale for a price which is more than INR 25 thousand. However, these Xiaomi TVs will haunt the dreams of the consumers with an ecstatic price tag. The Chinese company has launched these TVs for INR 12,999. The Mi LED TV 4A PRO is a 32-inches TV which will blow the mind of the audience. Apart from being 4K, it is also a smart TV and at a price which is absolutely ridiculous to start with. It will go on sale from March 7.

The TV is not the only thing Xiaomi is launching in March, the company has brought its earphones to India. Mi Sports Bluetooth Earphones Basic will be available to all the Indians from the upcoming Thursday. These will sell at a price of INR 1499.

-Unmesh Phule

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