Xiaomi Replaces Poco with K20 Series


Poco, the undisputed leader in the sub 20K smartphone market in India is set to be discontinued by Xiaomi. The 1-year-old sub-brand of Xiaomi witnessed almost instant success due to the one thing that the brand is known for, and that is ‘Value for Money’.

Xiaomi currently holds over 30% of the Indian smartphone market and is the top player ahead of the Korean electronics giants Samsung in terms of total shipment. Xiaomi was introduced in the Indian market in the year 2014. In the initial years, due to its Chinese reputation and bad after-sales service, the brand did not take off well. However, it rectified its mistakes within a year as it started hiring Indian personnel for its senior management to understand the Indian market and offer products accordingly. Moreover, it significantly upgraded its after-sales services that are crucial for Indian smartphone buyers. Within 2 years it became one of the largest players in India and by the end of 2017, it started dominating the Indian market.

To ride on its success rail Xiaomi launched Poco. It was also the first-ever smartphone by Xiaomi that was launched only for the Indian market and is unavailable in its home market China. The sub-brand was actually launched in competition to the popular Flagship Killer, OnePlus. The premium smartphone market was always dominated by the likes of Samsung and Apple until OnePlus was launched. However, Xiaomi decided to launch what they liked to term as the ‘Flagship Killer Killer’. This meant that the competition was not with the iPhones and Galaxys of the market but instead with the OnePlus devices. Rightly so, the features that Poco offered at the price point was mindboggling.

In the year 2018, Poco was offering the flagship processor Snapdragon 845 with a massive 6 GB Ram and 64 GB storage at just ₹21,000. Moreover, the smartphone came with Sony IMX sensors for its rear camera that enhanced the photography experience on the device. Comparatively, OnePlus’s similarly spec’d OnePlus 6T was offered for a massive ₹36000 price point. Some corners had to be cut by Poco to reach this low price point such as LCD display instead of AMOLED and plastic back instead of Glass. However, these features were easily negligible for most users, especially the price-sensitive Indian market.

In the mid of 2019, Xiaomi launched two smartphones called the K20 and K20 Pro in China. Considering the specifications and price points, it was clear that it was launched keeping in mind the success of Poco. However, it wasn’t launched in India as Poco’s successor. It was launched as a standalone device line. Xiaomi has planned to discontinue the Poco line of smartphone and focusing on the new K20 series.

To know more about the two smartphones, click here. The K20 starts at ₹21,000 and it comes with a Snapdragon 730 SoC instead of the latest flagship processor unlike Poco did. The K20 Pro starts at ₹28,000 price point. Although the price is higher than what Poco was offered at, the features included in the smartphones justifies them. For instance, the new devices include the latest and trendy pop-up selfie camera, an AMOLED display, In-display fingerprint sensor and also a glass back. These features are as premium as they can get. This is the reason that the company has increased their price. The only concern is that the K20 model that starts over ₹20,000 does not have a Snapdragon 855 SoC. One has to pay ₹28000 to enjoy the attest and greatest flagship processor. This is a slight downside for the users, but considering the features the company is offering at the price point, it is still a steal deal.

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