Xiaomi Releases How it’s Under-Screen Camera Works

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There were times when phones with selfie camera were a huge thing, and then selfie cameras were one of the most mattered aspects of the phone, then arrived the age of full screen, where full screen mattered a lot along with selfie camera, which resulted to notch technology and its variants ,still there was a need for full screen which resulted in various technologies like pop up cameras etc and not the technology has stopped at an in-display camera and recently Xiaomi had hinted for an in display phone and now they have explained in their website how their in-display camera works.

Xiaomi senior vice president Wang Xiang tweeted a series of slides that explained more about how the feature actually works. In a short teaser video, the company showed the concept in reality by comparing a device with the in-display camera technology with the Xiaomi Mi 9 which has a notch. When the screen is off there is a slight hint of a camera but when the screen lights up there is no hint of the front camera until it is being used as shown in the video. Xiaomi through this technology has brought a full-screen phone with no motorized solutions for the camera.

According to the information slides posted by Xiang, the company is using transparent cathode and transparent anode around the organic luminescent material in the transparent display to ensure that light from outside reaches that camera sensor below the OLED display. Looking at traditional displays, the cathode and anode are not transparent which means that not enough light reaches under the display.“By allowing more light into the lens, the display-embedded camera combo is able to produce perfect selfies, clearer and crisper than the pinhole camera solution [presumably the punch-hole camera – ed] when the camera is activated,” is a part written on Wang’s slid

The company said that it is working with a 20-megapixel sensor under the display. For the sensor to capture light, the company has designed a “display-embedded camera” combination so that the transparent display actually works like the lens of the camera. This makes sure that the lens, the transparent display is able to provide more light to the sensor for good quality selfies.

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