Xiaomi Launches EV Bike Himo T1 In China; India Not Yet Ready For The Bike

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Xiaomi, a company that keeps on innovating with its products and brings new things for us to buy. A company that has created a special place in the hearts of the Indians is trying to win the market in its own country. China, which has a majority of the market shared by Oppo and Huawei, Xiaomi is trying to win the hearts via other products. It has managed to make it work via a different business in China as the phone market is hogged by two of the biggest phone companies.

That being said, Xiaomi has come out with an electric bike named Himo T1. However, this bike is only for China at the moment as India will have to wait for the infrastructure to catch up. That being said, if it were to launch in India, the price would only be INR 30,000, yes you read that right. An electric bike or just INR 30 thousand which has a single button start and multifunction combination switch. China is getting this bike but India is a country which is crying out loud for such a product for a long time.

That being said, the bike has a 14 thousand mAh Li-ion battery. The distance on a full charge is about 120 KM. It has a super bright LED headlamp. This is the third Himo bike Xiaomi has launched. This is a product which is made for the people who have daily travel to the office. There are two variants, the 60 KMs variant which is 14Ah while the 120 KMs variant which is 28Ah. The Himo T1 will take the Chinese market by a storm.

There are many things the company has done with this bike. The design is also unique and is made for comfort. The lightweight design will help everyone from young to old, drive with ease and the range is also magnificent for a bike of this caliber. That being said, Xiaomi has no plans of launching the bike in India as of now. However, given that the Indian market will hit the right notes in the coming years, there will be a lot of foreign companies interested in the Indian market.

The circle of nothing should stop in India. There are many companies launching their vehicles in India and there are many companies eyeing up a launch. The charging station work is also going on strongly as the government is pushing for the same. The contracts have been given and the work is already underway. There are a lot of incentives, the government is providing for people taking up right business in the EV market, however, the consumer is not yet ready and that is the reason the major companies are not taking up this as a major project.

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