Xiaomi Come Up With A Vending Machine To Sell Phones

Xiaomi phones kept side by side

Xiaomi is one of the biggest company’s when it comes to India. A company’s fate was decided when it overtook Samsung as the leading smartphone company in the subcontinent. The Chinese giant is known for its budget phones but now needs to step its game to another level. Samsung pulled out of the budget phone market for a couple of years and Xiaomi managed to get the best out of the Indian market. A lot of other companies took advantage of the same but Xiaomi was the shone the brightest.

That being said, the company now has to look after itself because in every price range under INR 30 thousand, Samsung has a phone. The South Korean company has 10 phones which have either been launched or announced under the price tag of INR 30 thousand. Xiaomi cannot match these kinds of launches as it focuses on one of its budget phones to do well. There are certain things you cannot do even when you have deep pockets. The market strategy might not change at all.

However, Xiaomi managed to change the entire market when it came in India. However, India has matured as a market after that. Applying the same strategy that was once successful is not going to get Xiaomi anywhere. Point being, the company has been taking different ideas and putting them to work. One of those ideas is quite different and different in many ways.

Xiaomi’s very own Vending Machine

At this moment, it feels like you have seen everything in your life. Xiaomi has made me feel like that not once but on many occasions. This, however, has to be the epitome. A vending machine is not very common in India but a vending machine for phones is not common anywhere in the world. Xiaomi has phones which are good quality phones for tens of thousands of rupees but the company has just introduced a vending machine for the same.

Manu Kumar Jain was ecstatic while talking about this initiative. The first of these machines are being used in the Manyata Tech Park in Bengaluru. These machines have a huge screen where you can see the phones and their specs sheet and then a huge glass window where the phones can be seen. The payment can be done via all kinds of cards and UPI as well. There is going to be a sales assistant to guide you through the process.

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