Xbox One Gets New Xbox UI With October Update

Xbox One has received Microsoft’s new Xbox UI that will be present in the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S at launch. The new UI is a part of the October update for the now last-gen Xbox One. It brings a refreshed look and feels with stylized icons and the updated Xbox Store. The notification inbox has been refreshed as well. There are new profile themes and it’s now much easier and quicker to find what you’re looking for. The October update rolls out this week, as per Microsoft.

The Xbox UI update will start rolling out to Xbox One consoles ahead of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S launch on November 10. Microsoft shared the development through an official blog post, stating that fans will immediately notice a brand new look and feel that makes the console more approachable. Improvements to the Xbox Home and the Guide will allow users to get started quicker.

Microsoft says that all Xbox products across console, mobile, and PC will have the same visual style. The tile shape, font, and focus indicator have seen some changes as well.

Users will now be able to select from several different themes for their profiles, including profile themes and game themes. As of now, Microsoft has added three new themes to celebrate the upcoming Xbox One X and the Xbox One S.

The company has made some “quality of life” improvements that include a new way to sign in. When a user signs in with an Xbox account, the console will be personalized for them allowing easy access to games, their friends list, and more. The Home experience has been redesigned as well.

The October update adds support for four new languages – Hungarian, Greek, Slovak, and Czech. Microsoft will be looking at user feedback to improve on the features and the interface. This will allow the company to offer a more unified experience on the Xbox One and Xbox Series X/ S consoles. Microsoft showed off the new Microsoft Store of Xbox refresh back in early August and then later in the same month, revealed the new Xbox Guide.

The layout isn’t hugely different, but there have been tweaks to elements like the Guide and the games library, and visually it’s now a closer match for other Xbox products like the Xbox app for Windows. You can now customize your profile with themes, too, and Microsoft has reshuffled the layout for new users to highlight features like Game Pass and the store.

The update isn’t a huge one, but then Microsoft’s last big overhaul was just this past February. Microsoft does have a penchant for radically redesigning its Xbox UI multiple times each generation, so who knows how long the Xbox Series X dashboard will end up looking like this. For now, though, you can get a head start on its interface by updating your old console.

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