Wipro and IIT Kharagpur to conduct joint research on 5G and AI

A scientist researching in a lab

Wipro is one of India’s largest IT companies. It is also the oldest IT firm as well. The company was started out in 1945 but only started its IT business in the 1980s. Azim Premji has been leading the company since then. He also owns more than 77% of the company and has been at the helm for a long time. The company has been one of the richest in the sub-continent.

That said, Azim Premji and his company are known for his digital prowess. Wipro has been around for a long time and it takes full advantage of the same. The company has recently grabbed a multimillion contract from Google for filtering out the YouTube videos. That said, Wipro also has a brilliant Research and Development facility and works on the newest technologies to provide solutions for the same. Keeping that in mind, the company has entered into allegiance with Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur.

Wipro and IIT Kharagpur have joined hands to conduct applied research on 5G as well as Artificial Intelligence. The research outcomes done with the help of the students in IIT Kharagpur will be used by Wipro to provide solutions to its customers. The institute, on the other hand, will have a huge benefit of the expertise of Wipro in the real-market as well as India the commercialization of the joint research will be of great benefit.

5G technology is extremely important at this point in time. The whole world is moving towards 5G and India is falling behind. However, Wipro’s research along with IIT Kharagpur in this field might help the country to speed up the process. The being said, AI is also going to lead the world in the future and the company needs to find the right balance between the current tech and the AI. Although it is already taking over the world, having the base of research behind is always good.

The company stated in the press release that this research is going to benefit the company as well as the college as well. The chief technology officer of Wipro, K R Sanjiv was quoted saying that AI and 5G are going to create wonderful opportunities in the future. He also talked about creating a synergy between Wipro and the decorated institute.

He said, “AI and 5G are critical technologies poised to create opportunities that will significantly enhance customer experiences across industry verticals. We hope to bring together the synergies of Wipro’s rich industry technology expertise and understanding of domain-specific business challenges with IIT Kharagpur’s distinguished research capabilities to co-innovate and develop next-generation AI and 5G solutions that will benefit both our clients as well as the industry at large.”

The company’s press release was also on similar lines. Both the organizations will benefit and the knowledge will be shared via guest lectures, workshops, and even seminars. The release read, “The two organizations will focus on AI research applicable in the healthcare, education and retail sectors as well as in domains such as climate change and cybersecurity. In addition, subject matter experts from Wipro and IIT Kharagpur will promote knowledge sharing through guest lectures, workshops, and seminars on 5G and AI.”


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