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Whirlpool India Review: Global Refrigeration Brand With Domestic Goodwill

Whirlpool is amongst the most trusted and familiar brands in-home appliance market of India.  Whirlpool is a reputed American brand providing all types of refrigerators. Whirlpool refrigerators offer a good versatility, delightful innovation, and a premium feel. Boasting 100+ years of experience, it is notably one of the few consumer durable companies to survive the adversity of great economic depression of the 1930s. Today it is the largest home appliance maker in the world.

Talking about its India’s operations, Whirlpool entered the Indian market in the late 80s partnering with the TVS group. Since then it rapidly expanded its operations and set up manufacturing units in Pondicherry, Pune, and Faridabad with headquarters in Gurgaon. Fast forward 40 years, a sharp gain in the market price has seen the consumer electronics company enter the list of top 100 companies with the highest market capitalization (market-cap).

The Whirlpool of India’s stood at number 92 position in the overall ranking, with market-cap of Rs 30,347 crore, the BSE data shows.

In recent years, Whirlpool has dominated in the appliances world by showcasing a robust growth and good acceptance amongst the Indian consumers. Whirlpool is one of the few brands which keeps offering the latest and the newest technologies in its appliances and refrigerators are no exception. Whirlpool offers all types of refrigerators.

Key Whirlpool Refrigerator Technologies

Freshness is the key forte with the SealFresh technology in Whirlpool refrigerators. From the basic single door to the premium French door ones, all the modern Whirlpool refrigerators are equipped with SealFresh technology which comes with an embedded smart processor inside, that senses, adapts, and regulates the cooling inside the refrigerator.

Whirlpool offers a gamut of crisper types and designs. Double door models like IF 305 ELT comes with two separate crispers for storing vegetables and fruits separately. Fruits can be stored inside the small crisper while the bigger crisper section can be filled with vegetables.

One of the useful innovations about premium double door Whirlpool refrigerators is Adapta shelves. They offer great flexibility for adjusting shelves. Its zigzag shape holder is flexible enough to adapt to various kinds and sizes of storage. It is one of the most customizable ways of managing the space within the refrigerator easily. The new line up of refrigerators of Neo series comes with a multi-utility box which helps in storing and organizing small items like medicines, chocolates, sauce packets, etc.

There’s nothing easier than pressing a lever to fill a glass with chilled water or fresh ice. Whirlpool’s high-end multi-door refrigerators offer this ease. They come with an inline automatic dispenser giving out water, cubed/crushed ice just at the press of the lever.

Single door Whirlpool refrigerators come with special cooling vents with Laminar Airflow for uniform cooling inside the appliance. Similarly, new double door refrigerators from Whirlpool comes with Fresh Airflow technology which imparts uniform cooling through a strategically placed pair of flexible vents. It also allows the user to set the direction of cool air if needed. This way prolonged and uniform freshness for the stored item is delivered. Similarly, the side by side refrigerator from Whirlpool comes with 3D Airflow technology to ensure maximum air circulation, preserving the stored food.

Premium French door refrigerators come equipped with Dual Cycle Dual Air (DDCA) technology which creates an independent refrigeration zone in the refrigerator for a different set of food items to deliver highly customized and optimized cooling. This way it helps in preventing intermixing of food odors and thus helping to keep the stored food fresh.

DeepFreeze technology is a part of Whirlpool’s famous 6th Sense technology, controlling the cold air movement in the refrigerator. The modern double door refrigerators come with vents placed at the back of the refrigerator which helps in creating a circular motion of cold air throughout the freezer. The main purpose is to ensure cooling retention even when the door is opened for usage. It also increases the pace of cold air generation and ensures cold air is fully circulated.

Premium 4 door Whirlpool refrigerator comes with a pleasing Matrix UI display. This display is touch-enabled and offers intuitive command over the refrigerator’s functioning. Matrix UI is designed to control nine different functions. One of those functions which we liked the most was the ice-making indicator. It is one of its kind indicators allows the user to track the complete ice making progress.

Most of the new Whirlpool refrigerators come Microblock technology wherein an anti-bacterial filter is usually placed near the crisper shelves. They help in preventing the growth of harmful microbes and bacteria by up to 99.99%. There is also a freshonizer which reduces oxidation to prolong the freshness and deodorizer to keep the circulation of fresh air.

Whirlpool’s multi-door refrigerator comes with IntelliSense inverter compressor that comes with 3 intelligent sensors that sense, adapt, and control the cooling in the refrigerator according to the cooling requirement. Also, it achieves 40% faster cooling and reaches the coldest temperature of -24oC against the -22oC of ordinary inverter compressors.

Most of the modern Whirlpool refrigerators are well-designed to work even without the stabilizer. These refrigerators can work steadily without the risk of getting damaged due to voltage fluctuation. Also, if the voltage fluctuation exceeds the preset permissible limits, the power supply is automatically switched off, so it does not cause any harm to the refrigerator. Thankfully latest Whirlpool refrigerators come with built-in stabilizers which can withstand voltage fluctuations between 130V to 300V.

Whirlpool is a pretty reliable brand, thanks to its eons of experience and efficient engineering, Whirlpool fridges can considerably reduce electricity bills using IntelliSense inverter and insulated capillary technology. Moreover, certain models also come with a Vacation Mode button that can help in reducing energy consumption if the door is not going to be opened regularly. Interiors of most of the modern Whirlpool refrigerator comes with clear glass shelves, neat plastic drawers, and clean crispers. Crispers are noted to do an excellent job of regulating the moisture levels. Another good thing is that Whirlpool’s refrigerators are capable of keeping vegetables and fruits fresh for up to 12 days, thanks to its SealFresh technology.

Whirlpool is one of the old and trusted brands when it comes to home appliances. Whirlpool fridges are energy efficient, astonishingly silent, and deliver a decent cooling performance. With the scientifically designed vents, the AirFlow system delivers uniform cooling throughout the refrigerator. DeepFreeze technology ensures that this cooling takes place faster. The best part being the IntelliSense inverter compressor which by using the information provided by 3 sensors, smartly adapts itself to ensure optimal utilization of energy, leading to considerable savings in the electricity bill. Whirlpool refrigerators are noted to have consistent compressor cycle and freedom of odd spikes or dips in temperature. With an impeccable experience of 100+ years, you can surely opt for Whirlpool.

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