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Whirlpool India is flying high with an increase in its Profit after Tax

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The US has some of the most recognized brands in the world in the consumer durables segment. Whirlpool is one of them and is renowned worldwide. India is a huge market for the brand as they have been present in the country for a long period now. The brand is popular for its consumer durables such as refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, microwave ovens etc. It is considered a very good brand in India due to its durability and after-sales service.

The brand competes with its prime competitors such as Samsung, LG, Godrej, Haier and so on. Their profits are on a rise as are their innovations. They have been very enthusiastic regarding their research and developments. Last year, they were granted a patent for a ‘Sous Vide’ machine according to the United States Patent and Trademark Organization (USPTO). The machine has an induction cooktop, a cooking vessel, wireless temperature probe and a magnetic stirring plate. These accessories make the appliance as high-tech as it can get. It is an extremely advanced and involved piece of machinery that helps the professional as well the home cooks alike.

Developments such as these in the cooking appliances as well as in other segments, give an edge to the company over others. Whirlpool tries to bring modern technology into its customers’ houses. It changes the way people perceive smart technology.

The coming times will be even more interesting when AI will start to look after humans’ homes without any human intervention. Connected devices are the new trend in the market. Consumers want their devices to be smart and controllable through either voice and/or smartphones over Bluetooth/the internet.

Whirlpool also showcased numerous connected appliances that can talk to Google home and Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant. Whirlpool’s Smart Over the Range Microwave with Scan-to-Cook Technology can receive cooking instructions from an accompanying app when the user scans a UPC code on a frozen meal. This is another example of technological advancements in the home appliances segment.

The company earned more than Rupees 60 crore in the last quarter of 2018. The company earned more than 14% of profits after tax when compared with the last quarter of 2017. With an ever-increasing revenue and now profits, the company is looking forward to bring its innovations to the Indian market as well. Since we have seen that India is one of its major markets worldwide, it becomes necessary to bring the advanced technologies here as well.

Whirlpool is planning to invest heavily in modernizing its production units in India. They want to introduce the smart ways of manufacturing smart appliances, which will not only be beneficial for the company but will also be a great experience for its consumers. The market leaders such as the South Korean giants are not wary of Whirlpool but it will surely cross their minds every now and then when planning for the Indian market.

-Soumya De

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