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Whirlpool Debuts Its Largest-Capacity Third Rack Dishwashers

One of the most popular American dishwasher brands, Whirlpool, has recently introduced its Largest-Capacity Third Rack Dishwashers. According to a recent survey, three out of five homeowners find themselves cooking more often since the pandemic. Whirlpool’s new dishwasher line includes select models that feature their largest-capacity third rack designed to fit mugs and bowls, which leaves fewer dirty dishes behind in the sink so that families can load more and run less.

The new Whirlpool largest-capacity third rack dishwashers offer extra usable space to accommodate hard-to-fit items such as mixing bowls, blender jars, and casserole dishes, making it easier to load mugs and bowls, silverware, and long utensils on the third rack. Homeowners can enjoy an adjustable second rack to continue freeing up space for more dishes, with easy-to-find adjusters that smoothly raise or lower the second rack to fit taller items like water bottles or traditionally hard-to-fit blender jars.

Within the lower rack, the three-piece silverware basket can be separated and arranged based on the types of dishes being loaded, making it possible to fit casserole dishes and large pans.

Whirlpool’s dishwashers are available in fingerprint resistant black stainless and stainless steel finishes that feature an easy-to-clean exterior designed to resist fingerprints and smudges, as well as matte black, white, and biscuit color finishes. The dishwashers offer an innovative Leak Detection System that will flash a light on the front of the dishwasher to alert the user if a leak is detected while proceeding to drain water from the tub.

Using a dishwasher not only takes away the drudgery of hand washing your plates, glasses, and flatware, it also saves money and water, keeps counters free of clutter, creates less of an impact on the environment, and is more sanitary. In addition, a dishwasher promises cleaner and more sanitised utensils in comparison to hand wash.

“Whirlpool brand designs innovations knowing our consumers’ top priority is caring for their families, and that was the inspiration behind our new largest-capacity third rack dishwasher line that helps families to load more dishes at one time and run their dishwasher less often,” said Katie Sadler, Whirlpool Kitchen Brand Manager at Whirlpool Corporation. “We know how frustrating it can be when there’s a few dirty dishes left behind in the sink. So, we’re helping families with a dishwasher that can fit a lot in one load.”

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