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Whirlpool 3D Cool Inverter Air Conditioners Launched

Whirlpool has introduced a new range of air conditioners that support voice and WiFi. Called 3D Cool Inverter Air Conditioners, Whirlpool’s latest offers up to 60 percent faster cooling. The company says even in the peak summer heat of 50 degrees, the air conditioner will be able to cool the room up to 60 percent faster. Since every device is getting smart, the Whirlpool air conditioner supports voice and WiFi.

“Our products reflect forward-thinking in design, technology, and utility with underlying care for our consumers. The new air conditioners come with comprehensive offerings including the revolutionary 3D cool technology, smart Google & Wifi connections and overall aesthetic appeal connecting consumers to the future of cooling,” said KG Singh, Vice President-Marketing, Whirlpool of India.

Whirlpool’s 3D Cool Technology relies on 3-air-intake vents in the air conditioner that help with the fast removal of hot air from the room. The company says the technology ensures uniform cooling with up to 12 meters of air thrown. It also gets support for Google Voice. It means you can control the AC using your Google Assistant-enabled smart speaker. Whirlpool says users will be able to switch it on, set the swing and change the temperature.

There is also an option to connect a smartphone to the AC through a WiFi network and control cooling through the Whirlpool app. The air conditioner also supports Intelli-convert with 8-in-1 modes. Users will be able to switch between different models with the touch of a button. These include Sleep Convert, Comfort Convert and Capacity Convert. The AC also supports PuraFresh technology that purifies the air from dust particles and pollutants.

The AC comes with IntelliSense technology, which Whirlpool claims will allow for lifetime savings up to Rs 65,000 on the electricity bill. “R-32 refrigerant in Whirlpool ACs means lesser emission of greenhouse gases and an exceptional energy-efficient system. R-32 also has zero impact on the ozone layer, therefore it is friendly to the environment,” the company noted.

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