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WhatsApp to show status with relevance as it develops an algorithm for the same

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WhatsApp is one of the largest messaging application in the world. It is by far the most popular chatting application as well. The application has a lot of character when it comes to interface and it has set the bar for other chat applications when it comes to ease of use. It is one of those applications which are a must to have nowadays. There are people making a living just over WhatsApp and its reach. It is extremely popular in every country possible.

That said, the application has had to go through a lot of changes over the years. It had to catch up with other applications. It has gone through some major changes on the inside as well. There were a lot of high profile exits since Facebook took over and now there are rumors of integration of Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

WhatsApp a couple of years ago introduced its story feature. Not many liked it but eventually caught up and started to use it. It is now widely popular as there are many people who are constantly updating. However, the new WhatsApp update might change your experience when it comes to stories. Currently, you have to watch almost every story and they are shown in chronological order when it comes for a user to watch it.

The story feature, however, has an option where you can mute a contact’s stories if you are not interested in them. Apart from that, you cannot really select the preference to check the stories of certain contacts. That said, WhatsApp is bringing out a new feature which will show stories of people you are in contact with the most. It will also depend on how much you interact with people on WhatsApp.

This is a great feature to have. Instagram already has this, the stories of people who you interact with the most are shown before anybody else’s. This is the feature WhatsApp is trying to integrate and it will be of great use as other people are not really relevant. The other thing WhatsApp will judge the relevance will be the number of people watching the story.

WhatsApp is already trying this out on some users in Brazil, Spain, and India. The new layout for status updates will be totally different from what we have right now.

WhatsApp has over 1.5 billion users and over 60 billion messages are exchanged every day on the platform. Change should be constant when you have such a huge population using your application. People don’t want to be bored by looking at the same thing again and again. There are new features coming on WhatsApp almost every other month. That is also the reason why the platform is so popular.

It will be interesting to know what the Facebook-owned application has got in its locker next. The dark version of WhatsApp is also around the corner and apart from that, it is all under the wraps as of now.

-Unmesh Phule

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