WhatsApp To Show Ads From 2020

WhatsApp on mobile phone

WhatsApp is a company which has been in the news for all the wrong reasons lately. The company has been facing a lot of heat from the media and also from the tech world for the spyware that entered and almost caught hold of the 1.2 billion users worldwide. There is a need for some screw tightening at the moment. That being said, the company is having a hard time coping with the news.

However, there are other things which the users are now concerned with. Mark Zuckerberg talked about monetizing the application as it has the highest number of engagement amongst any other application. Facebook had announced that monetizing WhatsApp which runs on a no-profit structure is a task and a half but the CEO of Facebook is adamant and the revenue generated is far glittery than the basic model of the application.

The revenue generator could have been anything from ads while chatting to everywhere. However, the company finally confirmed that it is not going to be any of those. It is going to be something else and it can be tolerated at the moment.

WhatsApp Status with ads from 2020

WhatsApp is a chatting application which is omnipresent. One has to be on WhatsApp if he or she owns a smartphone. It is the first step of social media action anyone gets. That being said, the company is winning hearts with the newest features, however, the love might not last for long as the status feature is soon going to be filled with advertisements. The company is working on this and it is going to be a long process.

However, these features are not going to be integrated soon but will take around a year to get to the WhatsApp. That being said, the company is having a lot of problems while breaking the operations down as the chatting app is based on privacy and ads directly breaches that thing. Someone else is advertising its product on the most secure chatting application is not going to be accepted by many people. The reason for this is that ads are the most hated thing on the internet and WhatsApp being a private application is only going to harm the users.

Users will not agree to this move but it is necessary for the revenue generation as Instagram, Facebook and Messenger do not have even half the engagement WhatsApp has. That being said, the status and the ads are going to be integrated no matter what and there will be two effects, either another messaging service will be adopted or people will just get used to it. While the latter seems more likely, it all depends on how the company decides to integrate the ads in the app.

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