WhatsApp Removes Save Profile Picture Feature

WhatsApp chat open with a pen on it

WhatsApp is slowly becoming the center of every news related to privacy. The encrypted chats are the main feature of WhatsApp and the users find themselves in a space where they can converse with anyone without worrying about someone else watching. That feature is why WhatsApp is so popular and how it has over 1.2 billion users across the world. The company tries to find the right combination of every update it provides because they are playing in the very critical field where one step wrong and millions of conversations might leak.

WhatsApp also looks after some of the features which were needed for the curbing of fake news and misinformation. There have been many changes to the omnipresent WhatsApp in the past, however, it was still scrutinized. The fact that it has 1.2 billion users is the reason privacy is so important. There is a risk of 1.2 billion people losing some important information even if one bit of privacy is blown. That is the reason for all the stress.

WhatsApp’s constant struggle for improvement

We might drop out from one form of social media and enter another. There is a constant need to change but one thing always remains the same and that is WhatsApp. There is a sudden change in people leaving Facebook for Instagram and the latter becoming a force as Snapchat struggles to remain relevant.

WhatsApp is one of the few applications that has managed to be relevant no matter how the world changes. However, this is not because people just cannot leave the platform, it is because of the constant updates and changes. The company has tried to adapt to the needs of the users and it has done it again.

One cannot save a profile picture from now on and the iOS users even get to see the sticker preview in the notification. These are some of the changes which are going to be seen in the recent updates. That being said, there needs demand these things. The saving of profile picture harmed a lot of people and this has been a feature misused for a long time.

That being said, the night mode is also coming to the users. However, it might be seen in iOS first and then for Android. However, there have been zero updates on the night mode, however, Tipster on Twitter said that it will reach the users in the near future.

The night mode is just a disguised dark mode which was in the news a long time ago. WhatsApp has been trying to bring the dark mode for a long time, however, there are certain things which have kept them from releasing it. Only time will tell when the mode will reach the users and it is not going to be tested before release as none of the beta versions have the mode at the moment.

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