WhatsApp might just quit India if the new regulations take order

WhatsApp is one of the most used applications around the world. In India, the case is no different. It is still one of the most downloaded chat applications. There are over 200 million users in India and it has a lot of influence over youth and is getting to the older age groups as well. The concept is nothing brilliant but the execution is amazing. There are over 1.5 billion users globally for this humongous application. The Facebook-owned company is known for its encryption and the secured line it provides users to talk to their loved ones.

This is one of the reasons the application is so successful and the other applications are not. The company does not compromise on the security front and it has always been the case. The application is evolving by the year as it has now introduced group calls along with stories and many more features. However, the chat-application is prone to the spreading of fake news using the app as a medium. This is has become a concern for the company and also for the government.

The Indian government is in conversation with all the social media giants that are prone to the spreading of fake news and misinformation. WhatsApp with its huge user base is one of the most exploited applications in India. The government for the past six months has been putting tremendous pressure on social media to curb the fake news.

That said, the government has asked WhatsApp to break their end-to-end encryption to track these messages. However, that is not possible as WhatsApp can trace the chats that are not encrypted but if they are there is no way the company can trace the messages back to its original source. This has caused friction amongst the two entities.

Moving on from the conversations, the government is going to issue new regulations for the same. If these new regulations take the order then it will game over for WhatsApp according to its Head of Communications Carl Woog. He told IANS that to amend to those regulations, WhatsApp would have to totally change its way of working. It would mean that the application would need to be visited at a very basic level which is very hard to do.

Woog, also threatened that WhatsApp might cease to exist if these regulations are accepted by the government. These changes, according to Woog, are totally over the top and are not going along the lines of security and protection of the people.

WhatsApp is banning almost two billion suspicious accounts every month in the country. About 20% of the accounts which are banned happen at the time of registration. WhatsApp is trying to do it a bit but the results are nowhere to be seen. The company also said that during elections the political parties will look to use the medium and spread messages of some kind. The company cannot do anything about it.

However, the company has threatened in a way to quit India if the new regulations take place as there might not be anything the company could do to amend those regulations.

-Unmesh Phule

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