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WhatsApp Is Reportedly Testing Its Multi-Device Feature


WhatsApp’s long-awaited multi-device support is about to go into testing, allowing you to stay connected on multiple phones at once. Indeed, today, when you connect to WhatsApp from a second device, the application disconnects you from the first for security. This can quickly become frustrating for anyone who regularly switches from one phone to another.

WhatsApp multiple devices features, which has been spotted in development in the past and aimed at allowing users to use the same WhatsApp account on multiple devices, is reportedly in its final stages of testing for Android, iOS, and Desktop. Reiterating previous developments on multiple devices or the Linked Devices feature, the report says that some aspects, like the possibility to sync the chat history and muting chats on multiple devices, is still not ready. WhatsApp is also said to be planning a new modern UI for the desktop client.

As per a note by WABetaInfo, a tracker that finds new features in WhatsApp beta versions, the instant messaging app’s much-awaited multi-device feature is in the last stages of testing across platforms – Android, iOS, and Desktop. The feature lets WhatsApp be used on up to 4 devices at a time, and access non-mobile devices without an active Internet connection on your phone. In its latest post, the publication clears the air over the rumors about the feature on the Internet. It reiterates previously reported developments and claims that while all multiple device features are not yet ready, the ability to sync chat history, muting your chats, starring/delivering messages, and other features can be expected for beta testers soon.

WhatsApp is also said to be planning a new modern UI for the desktop client. The publication shares a screenshot where the WhatsApp desktop client shows the user how the chat history is migrated from a user’s device to a PC and notes the process is end-to-end encrypted. The feature, which is speculated to debut as a Linked Devices, is said to allow users to use the same WhatsApp account on four devices simultaneously.

In a previous note, WABetaInfo claimed that WhatsApp would require a Wi-Fi connection to begin the multiple device support process. This would enable the sharing of data from one device to another. Once the data has been shared, Wi-Fi or Internet won’t be needed on the primary device. This holds great significance because currently, one needs an active Internet connection on the primary mobile device to continue using WhatsApp Web.

Additionally, Facebook has launched a dedicated web page highlighting all WhatsApp-related vulnerabilities and security issues. This web page will include all the past and present security bugs on WhatsApp. It means that interested users can take a look at newly identified and patched bugs at the same place.

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