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WhatsApp And TikTok Amongst The Most Downloaded Apps In Q1


WhatsApp is one of the companies which will always be on the rise. It has a structure that will very well survive the test of time. The problem with WhatsApp has always been the privacy of its tussle with the Indian government. If we ignore that, WhatsApp is one of the biggest platforms for chatting and it is also one of the biggest applications and the fastest growing as well.

The stats for all the applications for Quarter 1 of 2019 are out. There are four or five select applications which are performing well while some apps have lost ground with others gaining a lot from the scandals instead of losing. That being said, the stats are segregated according to the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. Let us find out who won the accolades in the recently concluded Quarter 1.

WhatsApp and TikTok Shine

WhatsApp and TikTok, without a doubt, have been winners in the first phase of 2019. WhatsApp wins by a mile in the Play Store category with just over 223 million downloads while TikTok comes in third. However, Facebook Messenger came in second with 209 million downloads. The fourth and fifth spots were hogged by Instagram and Facebook.

This is not unusual because the rankings for the Google Play Store were retained by the top five applications. The order looked similar in Q4 of last year. That being said, there is something to be observed amongst those four applications. Out of the top five downloaded applications, four are owned by Facebook. The domination here is unreal as the world seems to be working as the company wants with people feeding off immensely from the company-owned applications.

Meanwhile, TikTok wins the battle when it comes to Apple’s App Store. The company is doing well there and even after all the scandals, it has managed to be in the list of top five for Google while it leads the line on the App Store’s list. That being said, the company is winning the battle there. It is the most downloaded app on the App Store for the fifth consecutive quarter. Although the number of installs has declined that is a given when the application was banned for a good part of two weeks.

The installs would have taken a hit during the banning period of TikTok. That being said, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger took the next four positions on the App Store. This survey was done by the Sensor Towers and it also reported that the Twitter users also saw a surge at it took the 16th sport with 11.7 million App Store downloads in the first quarter of 2019.

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