Watch and get Free Drinks and Popcorn at the Suning Private Theatre

Suning Private Theatre

Movies are one of the best ways of entertainment in modern times. Among all the other platforms of content that has been flooding the age of the internet for a decade now, the industry of films has rarely witnessed downfall. People still love going to the theatres to watch movies with their near and dear ones. The new age theatres are offering much more than just the movie viewing experience, as new technologies are coming in and new services are being offered.

Suning is the e-commerce players in China at the moment and they have transformed the way people used to shop in China, especially in the cities. Apart from their huge online presence, they have a spread out offline presence as well. They have various kinds of stores such as Suning.com Plaza, Suning Jiwu Stores and Suning Plaza. All these stores sell different categories of products but are targeted towards slightly different consumers.

The Suning.com Plazas have a unique offering for small groups that want to enjoy a movie within their small circle – the Suning Private Theatre. This unique and cozy place can accommodate around 5 people for a delightful movie experience. The Reviewtech.com team was invited by the Suining team for a movie experience with the Suning team at the private theatre.

The private theatres offer a movie for 168 Yuan which is around ₹1680. This might seem expensive at first but when you come to know that the snacks and soft drinks are complimentary with this package, it looks affordable. Moreover, considering the fact that the cost is for 5 people, it gets down to just 33 Yuan or ₹330 per head for a movie, which is almost double than a normal theatre price but the perks are ways more than that. This makes it a value proposition.

The experience of enjoying a movie with just your own circle and no irritating fellow movie mate is a bliss in itself. You don’t even need to pay a hefty price for the small pack of pop-corns at the theatres as you get two huge buckets of them apart from the large glasses of cold drinks at your seats. Top this with two huge recliner seats in the front and a comfortable leather sofa at the back for three takes the experience to a different level.

The Chinese market has welcomed this new movie experience wholeheartedly. India is another country that is very popular all over the world for its movies. In fact, India’s Bollywood makes the highest number of movies that even outnumber Hollywood and Chinese Movies. In terms of screens, it is estimated that the Chinese market has more than 40,000 screens whereas India has only 10,000 screens Pan-India. This leaves a huge space for growth in the number of movie screens. Although the mainstream large screen movies can expand a lot in India, the scope of growth for Suning like private theatres is very high in India.

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