Walmart Hires Suresh Kumar As New CTO and CDO

Walmart has appointed a Google and Amazon Veteran Suresh Kumar as the Chief Technology Officer and Chief Development Officer, reporting directly to the President and CEO Doug McMillon. The joining is to begin from July 8.

About Suresh Kumar

Before this, he served as the Vice President and General Manager of the display, video, app ads, and analytics. Before that, he was the corporate vice president of Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure and operations. He has also spent 15 years in Amazon exercising his leadership in various roles such as Vice President of technology for retail systems and operations, leading the company’s retail supply chain and inventory management system. He is a learned man with an experience of over 25 years in technology.

Kumar’s role will be on a global level taking responsibility of technology organizations for Walmart U.S./WalmartLabs, Sam’s Club, International technology and Global Business Services, the company informed, contrary to his predecessor Jeremy King whose role was only US-centric.

“The technology of today and tomorrow enables us to serve our customers and associates in ways that weren’t previously possible. We want to take full advantage of those opportunities,” said McMillon. “Suresh has a unique understanding of the intersection of technology and retail, including supply chain, and has deep experience in advertising, cloud and machine learning. And, he has a track record of working in partnership with business teams to drive results.”

Walmart and Flipkart are battling against each other

The announcement came at the time when Walmart is in combat, head-to-head with its biggest rival, Amazon. These two are competing in several segments, including e-commerce, omnichannel, advertising, logistics, brick-and-mortar operations, and even the cloud.  Walmart told that their gross profit rate and operating income in its international business showed a loss due to Flipkart’s inclusion in this year’s financial performance. Kumar, with his expertise and 25 years of experience in technology is expected to help Walmart to win the race as Kumar has a deep knowledge and experience in e-commerce, retail, advertising, cloud, and machine learning.

“Walmart is one of the great success stories in how a company evolves over time to serve the changing needs of its customers, and today, it is in the midst of a very exciting digital transformation. With more than 11,000 stores, a high-growth eCommerce business and more than two million associates worldwide, the potential for technology to help people at scale is unparalleled, and I am excited to be part of this” Kumar said.

India is shining bright across the globe. The past few years have seen Indians holding major positions in major tech giants of the world. To start with Satya Nadella, Padmasree Warrior, Sundar Pichai, Pankaj Patel, Rajan Naik and a lot more to state. With Suresh Kumar joining the league, one more feather has been added to Indian cap.

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