Vivo NEX Dual Display Edition: A New Benchmark For The Flagship Models

The quote, ‘Necessity is the mother of Invention’ is gradually being clouded by the constant desire to take the human imagination by storm. Vivo smartphone manufacturing major has launched the NEX Dual Display edition in China. This model is the sequel to its predecessor, the original Vivo NEX. With this model, Vivo is trying to make its impression among the new age smartphone users and offer something new and different.

Humans want to churn out as much as possible from the small device that has changed much of the world in this decade. Users are company’s god and to please this god, the companies are compelled to innovate in the design, features and other aspects of the smartphone. In the act to push the boundaries, companies have in the past, made some astonishing new inventions and improvements. Vivo experienced a fairly good growth since its inception as it fared well against its competitors who were mostly the traditional players.

Apple is known for its trendsetting designs as it is considered more of a lifestyle brand. Owning an Apple iPhone is practically a status symbol for a bulk of the users. The notch display is the single most adapted feature in most of the newer smartphone models ranking above the dual camera setup. However, Oppo, another Chinese smartphone major tried to move away with the notch completely as they launched their model Oppo Find X. This model came out with a fully bezel-less display as the front camera was placed inside the phone’s fuselage. When a person wanted to take a photograph, the camera module would slide out from the top. This astonishing feature was a sure shot head turner.

Its fiercest rival, Vivo, quickly considered Oppo’s move. Vivo’s original NEX model was the company’s first model to encompass a fully notch-less and bezel-less display along with a sliding camera module. However, this was not the ultimate goal of the company. They desired to capture the users’ imaginations. The race towards less and less bezel brought the companies to a position where even a small notch is also not required to put in the cameras and other sensors. Now, with the dual display setup, there is no requirement for a front facing/selfie camera. The secondary screen allows the users to click a selfie.

Vivo NEX Dual Display Edition is a beast in its own right as it boasts a massive 10GB RAM and 128GB internal memory. Moreover, it is powered by the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 (fastest in the market until the 855 comes out next year) and it takes its energy from the 3500 mAH battery under its hood. One of the stunning features is its Lunar Ring. This is an elevated ring of micro led light that is used for a couple of purposes. It can be used as the round, studio-like flash for selfies or portrait shoots. It can be used for setting up the mood in sync with the music being played by the smartphone and finally it is the default notification led.

Along with the above features, this smartphone also boasts a triple camera setup, which is still rare among the flagship models. It has a 12 MP primary camera, 2 MP camera (depth sensor) like many others. However, the third camera is the interesting one as it is a 3D/AR equipped camera. It allows users to capture 3D images/videos and Augmented reality videos. It also allows the users to play highly immersive AR games.

The screens are its USP. OLED is considered to be among the best of screen technology among the smartphones and this beast carries two of them. The front or the primary screen is a 6.39 inches Full HD+ OLED display and the rear/secondary screen is a smaller 5.49 inches Full HD OLED display. The display quality is as crisp as it can get in this price point. Talking of price, it should be noted that it falls in the flagship category with a price tag of CNY 4998 around INR 52,000. It is expected to hit the international market very soon just like its predecessor did. However, the concern is that the completely notch-less displays have not taken off very well in the market, unlike the notch-display. The two models from Oppo and Vivo is not what the companies would call them as success models. This is more of a concept phone category instead of being a commercial success.

Soumya De

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