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VIT hostel bans PUBG as schools in Bengaluru warn parents about the game

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Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a game which is a phenomenon. It is something like Pokemon Go when it came out. People were roaming around searching for Pokemon but PUBG is on a different level right now. The game is fun because it is based around a multiplayer theme and allows you to team up with your friends and win a chicken dinner; not literally of course.

The Tencent Holdings Ltd developed game is such a huge hit that there are cafes themed around it in Jaipur. It is so popular amongst the youngsters and adults alike that people have Whatsapp groups for the same. There are adults skipping work and youngsters bunking schools to play this game. PUBG has gone on to break all kinds of records.

It recently won a lot of awards as well. Tencent Holdings Ltd game took home the awards for the ‘Best Game’, ‘Fan Favorite’ and also for ‘Most Competitive Title’ as well. The Google awards have surely done justice to the game’s rioting success. It already has 100 million downloads as of December and the popularity doesn’t seem to fade.

The craziness doesn’t stop here. There are schools in the tech capital of India, Bengaluru, which are warning parents of addiction. There are students who are hooked up to the game for hours together and homework is the last thing on their mind. This has caused a lot of trouble among the teachers and they have started warning parents accordingly.

There are complaints being filed in the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences citing addiction to the game PUBG. The popularity of this game has not even spared the celebrities in India. The Indian Cricket team has been pictured multiple times playing the game while waiting for their flight. This news is just a subsidiary of another addiction news coming from its big brother Fortnite. There are special rehabilitation centers for such kind of addiction. A term videogame-rehab is as bizarre as it sounds but is a reality. There are students going through such kind of rehabilitation to keep them from playing video games.

Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) also took a decision regarding PUBG. The hostels of the VIT are addicted to this game for a long time. This has caused a lot of students, who do not play the game, to lose their focus because of their friends. VIT warden took a harsh decision of banning the game in the hostel because of the same reason.

The circular which is now doing rounds on all kind of social media was direct and aimed at the students causing a disturbance. The circular read that playing multiplayer games like PUBG is ‘not permitted in the hostel. The notice also said that betting on this game is ‘totally prohibited’. The consequences of breaking the rule will cause the student to maintain a detention as per the ‘VIT code of conduct’.

The circular also reads that the students should concentrate on their career and rather play physical games in order to keep their health neat and nice. There was a lot of criticism over this circular on social media but there were a lot of supporters as well. The photo of this circular got 87% upvotes on Reddit. There were many students who supported this circular as they thought one should keep in the mind the state of their roommate as they are living in a hostel. The circular was issued on last Friday and has gone viral a day or two ago.

– Unmesh Phule

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