Vietnam Top Spender on Education in SouthEast Asia with MindX Leading the Edtech Race


Education has been crucial for the growth of human beings as social animals as it allows them to know about their past present and shape the future as well. The methods of education have changed over the centuries. However, the rapid change that it has seen in the past decade is phenomenal. The advent of the internet and easy access to technology has allowed the students and educators alike to receive and impart knowledge in the digital format. This is fast, convenient and easily accessible for students far and wide.

MindX is a Vietnamese edtech startup founded in 2015. It is focused on imparting technical skills to children, especially in primary and secondary schools.  According to a TechinAsia report, it has raised $500,000 in a recent funding round led by ESP Capital Investment Fund and some other individual investors.

The company’s officials have said that the funding is crucial; for the company’s growth. They will be using the funds to open new centres in Ho Chi Minh City. These new centres will help inculcate more students for the technical skills training program. MindX has also developed a new syllabus that includes skills such as design, 3D drawing and VR/AR.

According to the company officials, MindX is working with many leading schools in countries such as Singapore, the US and China to look at different education models. This will help the company to formulate a model that is the most suitable for the Vietnamese students and their growth.

MindX is also creating a thriving ecosystem of a co-working space that will bring together students and working professionals that would help the students to get knowledge and first-hand experience of programming, robotics, design 3D drawing and so on. MindX claims it now has five centres in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, training more than 8,500 students and working adults. Its ecosystem hosts more than 200 domestic and international startups and investment funds such as Wefit, Ninja Van, and Nextrans Capital, among others.

To the company’s benefit, the Vietnamese government is one of the best in the world in terms of expenditure on education as they are spending 4.7% of Vietnam’s GDP towards education, which is the highest in Southeast Asia. TechinAsia reported that the goal is to help the students in primary and secondary schools to teach them, new-age skills in the most comprehensive way possible to integrate theory and practice in a startup environment.

Students of age 6 can be taught to program mobile apps for both educational and entertainment purposes. This will help them experience the real world that is moving rapidly towards digitalization where these mobile apps are a necessity. Moreover, this is a major step away from the traditional educational methods that insisted on just books.

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