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Video Games and its Imaginary World is Growing at a Rapid Pace

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Human imagination is very strong and it lets people to think beyond the reality. Video games also known as electronic games are very popular among all gender and ages as it helps people to realize their imagination. Video games lead the players to an imaginary world created to feed the vivid imaginations of the players. The youth today are very fond of the video games and the industry has witnessed a boom recently. Moreover, the heavy powered personal computers and gaming consoles have fuelled the growth of the graphic intensive gaming industry.

The bulk of the games started originating in the United States as the market was very developed and the technology was also very advanced. Moreover, people had fulfilled their basic needs, and hence they could focus other things such as entertainment in the digital forms. This led to the growth of the video games in the US and it quickly spread to all parts of the world. However, the real explosion in the use of video games could only be seen since the advent of the smartphones in the late 2000s.

Smartphone Games
Smartphone Games David Grandmougin_Unsplash

The mobile platforms Android and iOS have offered the smartphone and tablet users with millions of video games that can be easily downloaded from the online app stores. This has opened the gaming market to every smartphone users and it has since then grown like a wild fire.

The recent growth of the video games market can be seen in the East, South and South East Asia. Countries such as China, Japan, India and many South East Asian countries are the breeding ground of some of the most advanced gamers in the world right now. According to the Tech Crunch South East Asia version, the major reason for the growth is the growing disposable income and technological advancements in the region.

People Flaying FIFA on PS
People Flaying FIFA on PS Jeshoots_Unsplash

The growth is very high in the gaming sector and the reasons for the high growth are:

  1. Rise of Smartphone Penetration around the globe. Smartphone has proved to be a huge platform for video games and its growth.
  2. Rise of instant games within the major applications such as Wechat and Facebook. These games have huge impressions as the users are almost always logged in on these social media platforms.
  3. Advent of cloud based games. Earlier players needed to own a high configuration personal computer system to be able to play the heavy gaming titles. Now, with the advent of cloud gaming technologies the players can play heavy games without downloading and 5G technologies will be revolutionizing the Gaming sector in a huge way.

We have seen people being addicted to their smartphones. People use it for various functions such as calling, chatting, web browsing and photography but it can be seen that one of the major uses of a smartphone has been video games in the recent years. People especially the youth have become obsessed with the video games and the quality of the games have been constantly on a rise. The best example would be the game PUBG by the Chinese tech giant Tencent. PUBG attracted a lot of attention due to the kids and even adults getting addicted to it. Numerous governments had banned the games in India and also some other countries. It is clear that the gaming industry is riding on the growth curve and the future looks very bright. However, the scenery is not equally beautiful for all the game developing companies from all around the world. The gaming companies from the developed markets are at an advantage regarding the technologies they put in the development of the titles as well as their marketing and supply channels that allow them to reach out to a wider consumer base than others. This has created a huge gap in the game developing world where the top players such as Tencent, Sony, Microsoft, Apple and a few more take most of the market share and the rest are left to compete within the remaining smaller part.

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