US VC Joyance Partners now enter Europe to spread the science of happiness

Joyous Girl

Everyone in the world wants to be happy, stress-free and relaxed, they try very hard to not let job stress, heartbreaks, and the anxiety that descents from the unabating need to keep up with the world get to their head and corrode the ability to live. We all find contentment in the little moments of life such as a tub of chocolate ice-cream, family dinners, listening to country music while driving, meditation and so the list never stops. These so-called ‘Endorphins’ that make us calm and strong and the concept that studies these natural boosters is called the science of happiness as named by Joyance Partners. And the well-known company that captures the essence of this term and uses it to help people build a serene atmosphere for themselves whereby they can live joyfully, is, in fact, the ‘Joyance Partners’

Joyance Partners is a venture capital partnership firm that invests in companies that deliver and promote happiness and health as well as simultaneously offer solutions to various kinds of problems related to them with the help of growing technological advancements. Their areas of investments include Neuroscience and Neurotics, AI/AR/VR in Health, consumer products, Longevity, Femtech and much more with branches in New York, Tokyo, San Francisco, etc. After receiving tremendous support and response from the US i.e. 50 investments that include NeoSensory, Gyant, Dermi Boint, Unbound and many more, the Joyance Partners have now decided to expand their joyful circle on a more global level. They recently announced a search for start-up companies that contribute to personal health and happiness in Europe.

With Paolo Pio as the Managing Director of Joyance Partners Europe and Mike Edelhart as the Managing Partner of Joyance Partners Europe, the European team that includes William Lohse (Founding Partner), Shu Tsukui (Venture Partner), Nicole Staudinger (Marketing Director) and Kevin Dasch (Chief Operating Officer) is all set to approach the Europe market to bring together greater and collective good for the people. To add more to the fund growth, two new members Jun Deng (Investment Partner, Silicon Valley) and Holly Jacobus (Investment Partner, NY) have been to the European Joyance Family.

“The European startup scene is growing rapidly, and it needs funds like Joyance to give the kind of support and capital necessary at the very early stages,” said Paolo.

Joyance partners claimed to work with universities, government organizations, accelerators, angel networks and venture funds to create a powerful house in Europe that will ease smooth creation of this new era that focuses on personal health and happiness. According to them “Europe has the deep science, educational richness, entrepreneurial infrastructure, and societal perspective to become a central source for companies globally that leverage science from Genetics, Bio, Neuro, Microbiome, VR/AR, Next/Gen Consumer Goods, Food, and Robotics”.

Right now the solo mission of Joyance Partners is to find and invest in new European Business Start-ups that focus on health, wellness and happiness of people in a variety of ways. “We’re eager to bring our unique moment-of-inception investment approach to Europe.” said Mike Edelhart. Hence the Joyance partners are really geared up to spread this emergence of science of happiness in Europe.

-Dolly Dholakia

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