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Uber Lite’s newest update to allow Paytm and Pool option to the users

Uber, a taxi-hailing company, is a technology giant in the entire world. It entered with its taxi business in India in 2013. They haven’t looked back ever since. There have been many hurdles in between but they have managed to make India its biggest market outside of the United States of America. They have ventured in other businesses apart from their traditional taxi-hailing one as well.

Although Uber’s ride until now has been onward and upward, it was not always a smooth one. There were scandals along the way and there were some major scandals as well. There was a huge lawsuit filed by a woman from India who was harassed by one of its drivers. However, the American company has managed to rise above all this with some mighty scars to show.

Uber might be the number one cab-hailing service in the US but it is not the case in India. Ola, an Indian company of the same genre, has been in front from a long time. There is a situation of understanding the market as well. Ola, being an Indian country has a better reach and understanding of the market. Anyhow, the services offered by the Indian company are not up to the standards.

The American company, however, has managed to impress its users with discounts and better services. The services are not only limited to better cars and drivers but also with the application. The Uber app is slick and easy to use with better tracking options while Ola is average in that department. The Americans came up with something better in the recent past.

In June 2018, Uber launched their second application in India by the name of Uber Lite. They impressed the Indians by the tagline ‘Built in India, designed for the World’. The application was designed from scratch in Bengaluru. It was specifically for the areas where internet and infrastructure is of low quality. The application will help you book cabs from there as well. Sometimes the smartphones are not of the quality to accommodate the main app and this issue is also solved.

In India, it is not necessary to have internet or a strong internet connection in every part of the country. Sometimes on the outskirts of a city, the connectivity of all kinds is weak and that is when this application will come in handy. It is just a 5MB download and works well in tandem with its main application.

On December 6, 2018, Uber Lite received its first update. The previous version of the Uber Lite app had only permissions to book personal cabs and had an only cash option. The latest update has added the Pool option and a payment option in the name of Paytm. This comes as an enormous news to the people traveling to outskirts and having underpowered phones.

Uber Lite, after going live in certain Indian cities in June, is now spread across 13 countries in the world and has over 2.3 million users. The lite app has maps on demand only which helps to take the load of the already slow internet. This lite app allows Uber to reach the tier 2 and 3 cities of India which are mostly targeted by its rivals, Ola.

– Unmesh Phule

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