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Uber introduces Uber Vouchers for the corporate world

Uber written on a phone

Uber has managed to keep off Ola in India. It is a company which has managed to find a balance between keeping up with competition and stabilizing the business. The company is also looking for expansion but there is little room right now. The ride-hailing business is stagnating in India and there need to be some new ventures to help the shake the business up. Uber has UbeEats in India which is trying to build a business.

The company was about to be sold to Ola and the rumors were extremely strong. There were also rumors about Swiggy buying UberEats and that might still happen. That being said, Uber was about to leave the country but decided against it. The company decided against it when the market showed stagnation and there was no real growth in the food tech business. It was rewarded for its determination as the revenue of the company jumped later that year.

That being said, the company is trying to shake up its taxi-hailing business. It has tried to bring new features every single time but the company has failed more often than not. However, this time the company is trying to come out with special vouchers for the corporate world or companies in all. It is trying to win the corporate world market which is huge in India.

This feature of Uber Vouchers will be available on Uber for Business. This will allow business owners to book cabs for their employees. This is a great idea given that there is a whole set up for such kind of operations which becomes irrelevant. Uber has taken out an entire team of operations by introducing this. Previously, the employee had to book the cab, pay from his/her own pockets and then show the receipt to the company to get a refund.

That being said, the company can now just book and pay for themselves by using the vouchers. The company can send vouchers to their employees via emails, messages or even social media. This will give the employees discounted Uber rides. This is a fantastic initiative by Uber and the companies will jump onto this. It will be a great service.

Ronnie Gurion, GM of Uber for Business said, “As companies look for new technology and novel ways to engage with consumers, ‘Vouchers’ provide a perk that businesses know their customers will use.”

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