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Uber India come up with their boat services for the people of Mumbai

Uber in India is doing a great job. It has found a point where the company can co-exist with Ola and not harm itself. The company has a different space of itself and operates in that space. That said, the co-existing part of the company has a lot to do with the vast population of the country. Also, there has been an understanding between both the companies and this has turned out to be profitable for the duo in the ride-hailing business.

That said, Uber recently announced its Uber Air project in the United States and that has wowed almost everyone around the world. The air taxi is getting a lot of attention as even the Boeing Company is looking at that market. Uber is working its way to enter the air taxi business in the USA while in India it will take many more years for such an ambitious project to take off. That said, the company is looking at different opportunities in the subcontinent of India.

Uber has managed to find an avenue which was unexplored and is really ingenious on their part. The company has started something which is so unique and also not at the same moment. After conquering the roads and then working towards the skies, Uber has now entered the seas. Uber has launched its boat services in the city of Mumbai, it is known as UberBOAT. Uber is going to provide speedboats along the coast of Mumbai and will travel to specific locations.

The price of the UberBOAT is also fixed and as the traveling locations and distance are fixed. The company will offer an on-demand service to the customers. The routes are also fixed and the boats will travel to locations like Mandwa Jetty, the Gateway of India, and Elephanta Islands also. There were rumors that the services would start from 1st of February.

The boats which Uber will offer are of two kinds; one will be a six to eight seater boat UberBOAT while the second one will be a ten seater UberBOAT XL. The ride seekers could book a ride from the same application as they will get the option in Mumbai. The price of the six to eight seater boat will be around INR 5,700 while the price of the ten seater XL boat will be around INR 9,500. This means that it is around INR 1000 per person and that might be a bit costly but there is no competition in this market.

That said, the company has partnered with Maharashtra Maritime Board for this project. Prabhjeet Singh, who is Head of Cities for Uber India and South East Asia said that city’s waterways transport has huge potential and no one has tapped that yet. Uber’s services will be easily accessible and safe for the riders looking to travel through those routes. This is also going to help the boat operators in Mumbai and partnering with Uber will help them access the huge customer base of the company.

-Unmesh Phule

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