Two Afghan Brothers Made A drone to Clear Land-Mines Safely

Mein Kafon Drone

Landmines are a dangerous weapon for the enemy forces that have been used by various armies all across the world during various conflicts over the last 2 centuries. It is a trap weapon where the intruder cannot see the bomb or in this case, the mine and mistakenly they step on it, resulting it to blow up. According to Mein Kafon’s claims, there are over 110 million active land mines that are yet to be defused in over 65 countries. These mines cause over 6000 death each year and thus, they need clean removal.

Mein Kafon is an initiative by Afghan brothers Massoud and Mahmud Hassani who grew up on the edge of Kabul, in a little town called Qasaba. They spent most of their childhood in the fear. They wanted to remove the fear of others when it comes to land mines. They settled in the Netherlands and opened a company named Mein Kafon. The company makes drones that are equipped with the necessary equipment to diffuse the land mines and have been recognized as legitimate mine-clearing devices. They claim to successfully defuse landmines without the loss of any lives.

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