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Twitter confesses

American online news and social networking service, Twitter Inc. announced on Monday that it has accidentally collected and shared location data of some of its users accessing its app through iOS devices with an advertising partner. In a blog post, Twitter said the information collected was not retained and only existed in their systems for a short time and have informed the people whose accounts were impacted to let them know the bug has been fixed. The advertising partner did not receive data such as the user’s Twitter handle or other unique account ids that could have compromised identity, the company said.

More than just data collection

Twitter didn’t just collect location data but also shared it with a certain so-called ‘trusted’ advertising partner. The networking site said that it tried preventing the sharing, but that didn’t go as planned and they had to implement technical measures to buzz out the data from the advertiser. Twitter didn’t say how many users have been affected but assured the affected people are being informed about the fault. So, if one’s data has been sent to a third-party without permission, Twitter will reach out to you, perhaps through an email or in-app message.

A flaw in the system

While Twitter every time assures that it’s working to prevent such leaks, mistakes keep recurring all the time. Back in January, the company revealed it accidentally made protected tweets public for a period of five years. And a month before that, it had exposed country codes of phone numbers linked with certain accounts “We’re very sorry this happened,” the company added apologizing, noting that the issue has been fixed and won’t happen again.

-Samarth Joshi

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