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Twitter goes extra dark with the new update for iOS

Twitter written with letter blocks

Twitter is a social media company which has been around for a while. The user base is huge people love it like anything. Anything that is trending in the world first comes from Twitter or we can safely say, there is a huge chance it has originated from Twitter. The trends around the world are followed by Twitter and nothing else. It is something which has created a space for itself.

The company has always differentiated itself from Facebook as it has very strict policies when it comes to promotion or any kind of advertisements. Twitter is also better when it comes to audience engagement as users can follow their favorite personalities and updates directly from them. This is not the case with Facebook.  That being said, the company has been working on various modes and themes for its application.

Currently, the world is in favor of something called the dark mode for almost every app. YouTube has introduced it, WhatsApp is working on it, Twitter already had a dark mode but something different has come out for the Apple iOS users. The new dark mode is known as Lights Out. It is even darker and it turns off the pixels on the screen which reduces the battery usage.

The fact that this mode increases the battery life is where it wins on many levels. WhatsApp also has been trying to bring out the dark mode but it is a work in progress for ages. It is still coming and people are trying to get their hands on it through beta versions. That said, Twitter has won the hearts of the users with this. They even posted a video on its Twitter account by saying that “It was dark. You asked for a darker! Swipe right to check out our new dark mode. Rolling out today.”

There is also an automatic dark mode which allows the users to move from light to dark without doing it manually. One has to set the time for the same and Twitter will do the rest. That is another update for the iOS users. “You can set things up so that your phone recognizes what time it is and makes the transition for you without you even having to think about it,” the report further added.

This update for Android users is still coming and it is not yet known when. The date for the same is kept under wrap but rumors are that it will be out soon.

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