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Businesses that have a high risk and high return nature need to invest very carefully and take the processes involved in the business with great caution. The process of Lead Generation is one of the most important as it helps the business to reach out to a lot of people and also make the final sales. This is why; keeping an eye on the process of the lead generation becomes so important.

TrueQC is a well-recognized company working in the domain of Lead Generation and its Quality Control. The company’s founder Danny Sachdev brings a lot of talent and experience to the table having worked in the lead generation sector for a long time. He served as the CEO of Demandmatrix for around 2 years after founding and running Leadbase Tradehub for around 2 years. Now, for the past year, Mr. Sachdev has been running his new initiative TrueQC as he believes that the single most important thing in the demand generation sector is the quality of the whole process.

It has been witnessed that companies all over the world have spent a large amount of money on Lead Generation with little to no results. The reason behind such a result was the poor quality of the lead generation process. Here at TrueQC, the primary motive is to offer an honest quality control to the whole process of lead generation to the clients that will help them analyse the ROI of their hard-earned money spent on lead generation.

Quality control (QC) is a procedure or set of procedures intended to ensure that a manufactured product or performed service adheres to a defined set of quality criteria or meets the requirements of the client or customer. TrueQC has a detailed 6 steps to complete the Quality Control process ensuring every possible check that there can be.

Staying sustainable is also one of the prime goals of the company as they want to make the process cheaper faster and more efficient. The company believes that sustainability is the key to a long and steady business. To stay sustainable the company is committed to innovation. It strives to make newer processes and integrate innovative ideas from all walks of life to help achieve its own target.

Amidst all the points, one should also know that the best of vendors do fairly dislike TrueQC. What might be the reason for the same?

TrueQC has the recording of all the lead generation calls made by the small vendors and provides them to the clients who can then go through each one of them without the vendors’ knowledge. This maintains a clean record that cannot be manipulated by the vendor at any time. They also have a 12 step verification process to check whether the person being called is a genuine person or a hoax call from the vendors’ side. These processes help maintain the peace of mind of the clients taking the vendors’ services and also maintain a high reputation of TrueQC in the market.

This answers the question asked above. TrueQC pays attention to the details. This is a major reason that might annoy even the best of the vendors of the company thus developing a dislike for the company.

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