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Truecaller Debuts A New ‘Call Reason’ Feature For Android Users

Truecaller to now tell the reason for why someone is calling, Caller identification app Truecaller has updated its caller ID functionality to now include the reason for the call. The feature, called Call Reason, allows users to put in the reason they are making the call, and with this, the recipient would be able to see whether the call is being made for business, personal or urgent reasons. This is a significant addition to its core functionality that identifies callers, which made the app highly popular since its launch back in 2009.

Apart from this, the company has also decided to introduce two new features regarding SMSs, allowing users to now schedule their SMSs or translate messages. These new features are being released worldwide for Android users at the moment.

“We are thrilled at the launch of Call reason, Schedule SMS, and SMS Translate. We have been working towards building an innovative communication suite for our users and these three features are the next big step in line with this mission,” Rishit Jhunjhunwala, Chief Product Officer at Truecaller, said while introducing the new features at a virtual event.

Truecaller said that Call Reason will start rolling out from this week to all Android users and will be launching for iOS early next year. The new Schedule SMS feature extends the platform’s Caller ID feature to enable users to schedule a message reminder of any events, meetings, or what groceries you need to pick up at the end of the day.

Users can schedule SMS by simply selecting the icon while messaging and choose a date and time. Your message will be sent then, and you will always be able to see it scheduled in your chat. This feature is available for Android users only.

Additionally, the SMS Translate feature allows users to instantly translate the content of their messages directly in Truecaller without leaving the app. This feature works for both SMS and instant messages (IM).

The app automatically detects if a foreign language is used in the messaging screen and will show that a translation is available. This feature is powered by Google’s ML Kit and all messages are processed locally on the phone, which means the content of your messages never leaves your device. Language packs are downloaded to your device before translation begins. Users can also download additional languages to use them offline, anytime, and anywhere. The SMS Translate feature will only be available for Android.

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