Treat Insomnia With Bose SleepBuds Noise-Canceling Unique Headphones

Women wearing the Bose Sleepbuds and is sleeping soundly

US-based company Bose claims to start selling wireless Noise-canceling headsets, designed to combat insomnia. The device costs $250, can block outside noise and reproducing relaxing sounds and melodies.

The money needed to start producing Bose Sleepbuds was collected on the Indiegogo community fundraising platform. Nearly 3,000 people began to care about this unusual product and instead of the original 50,000 dollars, the producer managed to get nine times more.

Visually realistic sleepbuds are no different from a regular wireless headset. However, these “earplugs” are designed to not protrude from the ears and do not hinder their owners from sleeping. An integrated rechargeable battery charger is enough for devices for 16 hours of continuous work and you can use a special application for your smartphone to control the headset.

So is Bose Sleepbuds right as advertised? Let us read and find out details about the feature of “improving the sleep” of this unique headset.

  1. Super compact and soft design:

Bose sleepbuds’ anti-noise headset with the task of improving your sleep by eliminating noise designed specifically for people who have trouble sleeping.

With special arc design, Sleepbuds also fit into the user’s ear, there is no excess part, so it is appropriate even if the listener is tilted to one side while sleeping.

Much like the conventional headset, health Bose sleepbuds support Bluetooth connection with a mobile device for music that Sleepbuds designed to play the sounds gently to make the listener feel roof, easily go to sleep.

  1. Minimize noise, help you sleep better:

Bose Sleepbuds are equipped with flash memory that incorporates a range of soft sounds. These sounds are designed to diminish your attention while eliminating the noise that causes unwanted conflict effectively.

  1. High-quality sound, easy to put you to sleep:

Inside the headset is a built-in ultra-small Balance Armature speaker, which helps to reduce size. The type of diaphragm used is too small to play music and is only suitable for creating relaxing sounds.

In particular, Through the Bose Sleep application, you can customize the settings on Sleepbuds: the volume level and the duration of music playback, alarm settings.

  1. Great battery life:

With a battery capacity of up to 8 hours of continuous use and can be recharged twice through the included carrying case to help you go to sleep without worrying about interrupting halfway.

  1. Conclusion:

With the desire to bring users good health, ensure a good sleep and complete. Bose sleepbuds is a smart health aid device that insomnia cannot be ignored.

-Md Azharuddin

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