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Traditional lights are losing their shine against the new age LEDs

Xiaomi is not just a smartphone brand as opposed to popular belief. It is a technology company is touching numerous lives through their innovative products, superb build quality and competitive prices. They have a vast line of smart home products that are gradually changing the way we perceived our homes to be. The products range from smart air purifiers to Smart TVs and what not. One of the various smart home products is home lights.

Lights help humans to work or live a better life even after the mighty sun goes down at night. The technology behind the lights was changing slowly until the advent of the 21st century. However, in recent years the simple house lights have taken numerous shapes due to the introduction of LED technology. The small Light Emitting Diodes are small and consumes a negligible amount of energy while emitting more light than the traditional high power consuming bulbs.

Aurora Lightstrip and Candela Lamp are the two new products from the house of Yeelight, which is a company under the umbrella of Xiaomi. They are planning to make their mark in the Indian market independent of Xiaomi. They have launched Aurora and Candela at the price of INR 4999 and INR 5999 respectively. Indian households are changing rapidly as they are accepting the changing technological scenario.

Both the lights are more of a mood setters instead of being any function specific but can be used for many purposes. They can also be controlled through the application available on Android and iOS devices. Our homes are being transformed with technology such as these smart lighting options. As far as pricing is concerned, there is no better alternative to both the lights. Philips, which is a pioneer in the home lighting sector has an option similar to the Aurora light strip but is a tad more expensive at around 5000. This makes the Yeelight products extremely value for money and a viable option.

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