Tor browser is the way around the blocked websites in India

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India is a country where sensitivity has nothing to do with logic. People in India are highly sensitive and the fact that there are hundreds of ethnicities with a hundred kinds of sensitivities, it becomes hard for the government to cater to everyone. The government cannot just ignore because they want to be re-elected. That is the reason for so many bans in India.

India, along with some food items (let us not go there) have banned a lot of things. The most bizarre of them all is that India has banned almost 800 pornographic websites. Along with the government’s ban, there are some telecom partners who have banned those websites. The fact that it is sensitive towards some ethnicities and it promotes some weird stuff (which you cannot deny), the government took this ‘harsh’ step. However, this is not about pornographic websites, it is about some of the genuine platforms getting banned.

The message boards such as Reddit being banned is something we should think about. The website of Telegram, a chatting portal being banned. Apart from this, there are bans on website data analyst portals like Alexa are also being snubbed. These are some of the decisions that have made some people rethink and have come out in protest of the same.

That being said, people need not worry at all. There is something called Tor, or The Onion Router, is here to help you. Tor is a browser which will help you browse through everything and anything. It will help you to remain anonymous and not let out your identity. This is done with the help of numerous servers around the globe. It redirects Internet traffic via seven thousand relays which makes it hard for a tracker to track your exact details and helps the user to remain anonymous. The Onion Routing is instilled with the help of encryption in the application layer of the communication protocol stack. This is implemented like layers of the onion and hence the name.

The Tor browser can be easily downloaded from their website, The Tor Project. It can also be found on the Electronic Frontier Foundation website. If both these sources do not work, then Github is where you can find this browser as well. All these links are for the desktop browser. For phones, it is available on the app stores of the respective operating system.

Such browsers are mostly used by the people accessing the darknet, which is something you don’t want to do. Tor can be used to access all of those websites which are blocked by the Indian authorities and it will help you access all the things that you were missing, no matter which network providers’ connection you have.

-Unmesh Phule

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