Top Camera Brands In India For Beginners To Start A Photography: An In-Depth Analysis

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Cameras are one of the most fascinating technologies around. It has allowed humans to capture the moments and emotions like never before. The technology has gone through numerous changes and today the cameras can create magic with one’s creative imagination.

Decision-making is one of the most difficult parts in the process of purchasing a camera because it involves numerous micro decisions such as the camera resolution, build quality, price, user interface and so on. Moreover, one has to take into account that more expensive does not mean a better camera because the quality of a camera will be truly revealed only in a polished hand. This is the reason that one needs to purchase a camera as per his/her photography level. We will be talking about the beginners in the photography field.

Let’s take a look at the 5 cameras under 30,000 Rupees that would help the beginners to delve into the world of DSLRs and professional photography. The list is targeted at beginner photographers or for those who were upgrading from smartphone photography to Cameras.



Canon DSLR on a table
The brand was founded in the year 1937. Canon Inc. today is known as the leading manufacturer of digital cameras, camcorders, photocopiers, computer printers, steppers and medical equipment. This is the iconic product that made Camera Products in the first place. They are very popular among beginners and even the professional lot of photographers alike. They make cameras starting from the entry-level to the very top end as well. Their models such as the 1300 D and the 1500 D are extremely popular in the Indian market because of their crisp photo quality, robust build quality and ease of use.

The video capability of Canon is praised more than its still imaging. The reason is its pioneering Dual Pixel Phase Detection Auto Focus (DP PDAF) feature. The newer models are very good in terms of video especially when paired with some image stabilized lenses. The best part is, however, the affordability of the entry-level models, which make them the most desired of all brands in the camera industry.



Nikon Camera kept on a table
[Unsplash: Nikon Camera]
Nikon is a powerhouse when it comes to cameras. It is a Japanese multinational corporation headquartered in Tokyo. Optics and imaging products are the company’s forte. Their digital cameras are of high quality and have been keeping up with their quality for over a century. This Tokyo based company has been recognized all around the world for its quality and innovative Camera products.

The brand is popular for its competition with its arch-rival Canon. The two brands usually offer products very similar to each other and put the consumers in a deep dilemma to choose one over the another. It finally comes down to the brand loyalty and familiarity with the User Interface that one chooses one over the another as not much difference is there in terms of imaging quality. Although experts claim that the still photography is superior to Canon’s, the difference will never be understood by the novice eyes. The video quality is also very good but not as good as that of Canon’s, but still, the brand is easily one of the best in the market.



Sony Mirrorless camera put on a table
[Unsplash: Sony Camera]
Sony is probably the most popular as the brand name of the three. This is, however, not because of their cameras but for a plethora of electronics offered by the Japanese electronics giant. Sony is the most recognizable Japanese brand and it has enhanced the image of Japan among the global consumers. Their revolutionary products range from home appliances, consumer electronics, gaming and many more. Its diversified business includes consumer and professional electronics, gaming, entertainment and financial services. According to some news reports, the company has been named as one of the world’s most ethical companies.

Sony, since its inception, quickly rose through the ranks amongst the best tech companies in the world. In terms of camera performance, the company is one of the best in the world. It is the second largest manufacturers of the camera modules used in smartphones after Samsung. Moreover, they are the largest producers of mirrorless DSLRs. They have expertise in mirrorless camera technology and offer an arsenal full of different lenses specially designed for these compact cameras. The cameras from this brand are the most expensive of the three but the price is worth the quality.

One common feature among the three brands is that they all hail from the island nation of Japan. The Japanese are considered one of the best in terms of technology especially in the field of consumer electronics. When it comes to imaging prowess, any other country can hardly come even near the Japanese brands. Apart from the top three brands mentioned above, Panasonic, Yashica, Pentax and many more popular brands of camera originate from Japan.

Girl using a canon DSLR
[Pexels: Canon Photograpger]
After analyzing the three brands, it is clear that all the brands are best in one or the other feature. It is extremely difficult for the beginners to choose from especially when the companies offer so many options in its price range. However, this article is supposed to ease this issue of beginners. Hence, here is the result of the writer’s point of view.

Nikon is very good in the sub-30,000 Rupees price range in terms of DSLRs (not the mirrorless cameras). However, the models are usually not updated and miss out on the newest features. The user interface is also kind of difficult, especially for beginners. All in all the company does do not offer good value for money.

Sony is the best in class for compact mirrorless cameras. People with a budget of over 45000 Rupees should opt for Sony Cameras if they want small but equally efficient mirrorless cameras.

Finally, Canon is the best of the three in terms of normal DSLRs. It offers the best value for money in each of its products. The models are updated with the newest features, software and hardware. The sensors are updated every couple of years and selection of lens is greater than that of the other two. They even have started to compete Sony in the mirrorless cameras, which are even cheaper than the Sony’s but equally better. This makes the brand the best for beginners and professionals alike.

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